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Monday, 27 June 2016

A Week on my Feet

Earlier this month I was invited to take part in Luxury Flooring's 'A Week on my Feet' campaign, inspired by the Instagram account 'I Have This Thing With Floors'. I'm a little bit obsessed with Instagram (you can follow me here if you fancy) and the #FWIS and #IHaveThisThingWithFloors hashtags are two of my favourites. I'm a real sucker for an awesome photographic back drop, whether that's graffiti, a plain white wall, the rolling English countryside, beautiful decorative tiling, moody grey urban concrete paving slabs or a carpet of daisies and buttercups.

As a working solo mama of two littlies, with school and nursery runs, and a walk to work most days, plus shopping and lots of pottering around at home, I'm on my feet pretty much all day long. This is the story of a typical week in my life through the floors, patterns and interesting things I come across....

Actual SUNSHINE! - in summer! - calls for an outing for my favourite gold snakeskin peeptoes. Photographed on the parquet wood floor at work.

Another day at work, another pair of shoes. This time comfy pumps - photographed on the stone spiral steps leading up to the balcony. I love these steps; they're over 100 years old and covered in various marks and dents - I often think about the thousands of people that have walked on them since the theatre was built.

Shopping in town, and wearing sixties inspired patent flats on the monochrome tiled floor of our local butchers (pre-tattoo, too)! I love black and white chequerboard floors.

A day at the park with the kiddos, playing on the lawns and on the soft tarmac, called for comfy, casual flip flops. I like the juxtaposition of the natural, bright grass against the grey, man made playground floor in this picture.

It wouldn't be British Summertime without an almighty downpour so I got to wear my Hunters on a trip to the open air museum. I photographed them on the stone steps to a 16th century cottage.

Soft suede boots, harsh concrete paving slabs and pretty, delicate flowers: more shopping in town.

Writing this post has inspired me to resurrect my weekly Dear Diary posts - it's been fun documenting everything that we've been up to through these photographs!



  1. I absolutely love feet/floor photos! Loving all the different places you ended up - and the different shoes! x

  2. Amazing photos! I love taking photos of my feet too ;) Love the last one xx


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