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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Breakfasting with Penguins... As You Do

Last weekend, the girls and I were invited for breakfast at the Sea Life London Aquarium. But not just any old breakfast, oh no. Breakfast with real life penguins, at the all new Penguin Point! Not a bad way to begin half term.

As well as being able to experience an amazing, multicoloured, underwater world, full of sharks and sting ray and seahorses, the Sea Life London Aquarium also gives you a wonderful opportunity to get up and close with their gentoo penguins, which are the third largest species of penguin in the world!

We arrived bright and early, before the Aquarium opened to the public, and were led straight to Penguin Point where we drank coffee (me) and juice (the girls) and ate lots of pastries and fruit (all of us). We also got to see the penguins have their breakfast!

The new Penguin Point really is a star attraction at the Aquarium. It's huge and you can see the penguins both when they're on land and when they're swimming under water, which is extra magical. There is also a look out point inside the enclosure so that you can get extra close to the action. The girls loved this bit!

Of course we also looked round the rest of the Aquarium while we were there, and it will always be one of our favourite days out. We head down to the Brighton Sea Life Centre a lot (we are bang slap in the middle of the two and it's just that little bit cheaper plus it's right next to the beach!) but the London one is much bigger, super easy to get to if you're using public transport (it's on the South Bank, a two minute walk from Waterloo Station) and there are loads of other attractions to see nearby - like the London Dungeon, the London Eye and Shrek's Adventure!) so you can really make a day of it.

Tickets to the Sea Life London Aquarium cost from just £19.50 when you buy them online here plus you can also make the most of your visit to London buy designing your own package to two or more Merlin attractions. There are also deals to be had when travelling with South West Trains, so be sure to check before you travel.

We received complimentary tickets in exchange for this post. All words are, as always, honest and my own.

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