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Monday, 4 July 2016

Making Child Maintenance Arrangements with help from PayPlan

It goes without saying that getting divorced, or splitting from a long term partner, is not a pleasant experience. No matter what the reasons are behind your separation, or who it was that wanted and instigated it, emotions still run wild - and at the same time you have to put your sensible hat on and decide who's going to look after the children and work out how you're going to pay for their upbringing.

Kids are expensive little buggers.  You have to house them, feed them, clothe them and entertain them.... Then there's school trips and after school clubs, birthday presents to buy for their friends pretty much every weekend, and all the petrol that goes in the car to ferry them around from said clubs and parties and play dates. It's a good job mine are cute I tell you ;)

When my ex-husband and I separated, my solicitor advised on the financial settlement, which cost an arm and a leg. But expensive legal advice is not always necessary! PayPlan have created a brand new hub to help navigate single parents through the process of arranging child maintenance payments. It is a really fantastic resource, jam packed full of information on procedures and the different payment options available to them.

There are four key tools; a downloadable guide about the Child Maintenance Process, a Child Maintenance Calculator, an interactive slider highlighting the cost of raising a child, and an additional document, the Child Maintenance Research Report, which contains the full research findings from PayPlan's latest survey.

This research found that a shocking one fifth of single parents are not receiving child maintenance support at all, despite qualifying for it, with over 60% of them finding the current system complicated and hard to understand. And that's exactly why PayPlan created this resource hub; to help simplify it and ensure that single parents are getting the help they are entitled to.

For information and help calculating your entitlements, take a look at the PayPlan Child Maintenance Resource Hub here.


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