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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Daily Outfit ♥ THE BEST Twirling Dresses EVER

Right now the girls insist on wearing dresses or skirts pretty much every single day. Even when we have a day of tree climbing and hill rolling and cartwheeling ahead of us, they want to do it in their favourite frocks rather than leggings or shorts, which is totally fine by me - I think it's really important to them express themselves by choosing their own outfits (plus I love seeing what they come up with!)

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by Rockin' Baby and asked if I'd like to review some of their clothes.  The moment I saw these dresses in the lookbook I KNEW that the girls would love them. They were just totally them; cool and bohemian, plus they looked super comfy and laid back. And of course mum's always right - I let the girls take a look for themselves and these were the first things they picked out.

I think the girls like dresses because they're so easy to wear - plus these ones are circle cut, so are THE BEST twirling dresses EVER - and that's ALWAYS an added bonus! In fact, these dresses are so good for twirling that they could probably do with having some cute little matching bloomers instead of the headscarves that come with them!

The thing I love most about them is the ethos of the company that they came from. Rockin' Baby's mantra is 'You buy, we give' and that's exactly what they do. For every product of theirs that's sold across the world, another is donated to a mother or child in need. How awesome is that?

Esme circle dress (mixed stripe)
Esme circle dress (bunting print)
Both £48 c/o Rockin Baby

PS Trying to persuade the girls to have their photos taken for outfit posts together is getting harder and harder..... Either one is too busy doing flamenco dancing to strike a pose.....

Or the other is busting some crazy dance moves while the other looks on in horror.....

Or one of them just gives up altogether and decides to flash their drawers ;)


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  1. Aww! Your girls are adorable. The dresses look fantastic!
    Gorgeous photos x


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