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Monday, 19 September 2016

House Tour: My Workspace

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When it comes to my home, my tastes are a little eclectic. I am a lover of colour, and a lover of things, and I am also very keen to recycle old, unwanted items which means I have plenty of vintage mixed in with new stuff and little knick knacks that I've come across at junk and charity shops and antique fairs. Each room is more than a little bit mis-matched but I think the overall vibe is a happy one, and my house is certainly and loved and lived in.

I've wanted to write a series of house tour posts on my blog for a while now (especially seeing as things have fiiiiiiinally started coming together!) so I thought I'd kick start proceedings by showing you my brand new workspace.

My house is teeny tiny, and although I have longed for an actual studio/office all of my own for FOREVER it just isn't going to happen. I've always worked on the kitchen table which been fine - there's certainly plenty of space - but having to set it up with all my bits and pieces and pack it all away again once I've finished working has always driven me mad.

So I decided to create a little working nook!

As I said, my house is tiny. We have no spare rooms and, in fact, hardly any spare floor space - so 'little' was the operative word when using my imagination and designing the space. I had the choice of either putting the nook in my bedroom or in the living room and I decided to go with the latter as the room is brighter and I could position my desk under the window.

Another important factor when thinking about the furniture I needed was that everything had to be movable. I like to switch the layout of our living room around quite a lot, and Christmas is one particular time, when the sofas get shifted about to make way for our tree.

Lastly, my budget (or lack of) needed to be taken into consideration. I didn't want to spend a fortune... but that didn't mean I had to buy cheap rubbish or stuff I don't like!

With all that in the forefront of my mind, it was time to hit the shops.

My first port of call whenever I need furniture is our local junk shop, Cooper Brothers of Hindhead. They'd probably kill me if they knew I referred to them as a junk shop but one man's junk is another man's treasure, and Cooper Brothers is a genuine treasure trove - I always always always come away with something when I visit!

I looked at some beautiful little old writing bureaus, but they were very solid and heavy and would have been difficult to move around by myself. Then I spotted this little oak side table right at the back of the shop. It was solid but small - perfect for a laptop - and only £10! I didn't even haggle... it came straight home to live with me.

That was the main part of the workspace purchased but, of course, you need storage units and desk organisation too and there's only one place to go for all of that...

Our closest IKEA is down in Southampton so a visit makes up an entire day trip for us. I went with a shopping list but, as is always the way when anyone goes shopping at IKEA, I came home with so much more (and a belly full of meatballs!).

I managed to pick up a cute (bright orange!) mesh stool from the outdoor department and a little filing cabinet on wheels for less than £35 (as well as lots of picture frames, kitchen utensils, cacti etc etc etc which doubled my total bill, but hey ho).

And just like that, we had everything we needed and were off home to get flat pack unpacking.

When I work, I mix analogue with digital. I keep a bullet journal for everything blog related. I love lists, and crossing things off lists, and find that the actual physical act of writing things down really helps me to process and remember stuff, plus I like being able to look at weeks/months/years at a glance. Using the bullet journal system is really flexible - I can design each page however I like - and it is also a bit of a creative outlet for me; I like to doodle and stick things in ;)

But, of course, I'm a blogger and a writer and I would be nowhere without my Mac. Other desk essentials (for me) are:

A tin for my receipts. I'm a bit old fashioned and put all my expenses in the pot, then at month end I go through them and add them to my (modern) spreadsheet.
A penpot, but no ordinary  penpot - mine is a Victorian Keiller & Sons marmalade jar from Sunbury antiques market.
Filing cabinet. With lots of drawers to hide the mess ;)
Plants! Because every desk needs a little bit of pretty!

My bullet journal is a Leuchtturm1917 squared notebook 

Desk: £10, Cooper Brothers of Hindhead // Celebratory Coronation Foxes Glacier Mint tin (used for expenses): £1.50, Junk + Disorderly, Haslemere // Keiller & Sons marmalade jar penpot: £2 // The Master Plan Diary (used for non-blogging stuff), £17.50 //  Helmer filing cabinet (also available in black and white): £25, IKEA // Västerön stool: £7, IKEA

So there you have it. My little workspace. I must say, since I've had a designated writing area I've found myself feeling so much more motivated, which is very handy when you're self employed! I love the bits I picked out and having everything to hand; the light here is beautiful and it's a real pleasure sitting at the window watching the world go by 



  1. I wish I lived near your junk shop! My house is full of little wooden tables I've found at the tip :-)

  2. I'm loving the treasure cove of furniture, that side table was a bargain at £10

  3. what a great find that desk was! I think I have the same drawers from Ikea, which somehow the husband managed to put together so badly that they completely collapsed when I moved them - I fixed them & they are now as sturdy as they should be!

  4. The junk shop looks incredible. I could spend hours in there! I love the stool too.


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