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Monday, 31 October 2016

Five Favourites ♥ The Mamas & Papas Nursery Edition

I feel like I'm always doing DIY at the moment! Right now I'm redecorating and refurnishing Evie's bedroom. She has the box room at the back of the house which, while she was sleeping in a toddler bed, provided more than ample space for her. But Evie is a big three year old and the time had definitely come for her to have a proper big girls bed. With that in mind, I decided it would be a good opportunity to repaint the walls and the woodwork and voila, all of a sudden a full blown redesign was in progress!

I decided to paint the room a simple white (it had previously been pink). I'm a big fan of bold, statement accessories - but I still like rooms to look clean and bright - plus white is really easy to touch up when you have kids that might doodle or leave sticky handprints on the walls.

When it comes to bedding, I love clashing floral and stripy prints, and lots of quirky cushions. I also love striking wall art so have bought Evie some new prints and frames and some wall stickers too.

A regular bed would have taken up about 75% of the floorspace, which would not have been ideal, however her room also has sloping roof so a high bed wouldn't have fit at all. To compromise I bought a mid sleeper, and have put all of her toys underneath it. Her old chest of drawers fits next to the bed and also doubles up as a bedside table. I still have shelves and curtains to buy and put up, but things are coming together very nicely already.

I'm going to do a full room tour once I've finished, but thought I would share a few of the things I've ordered from Mamas & Papas with you. Don't be fooled - you might think they only sell things for babies but there is plenty on there that I'd have in MY room and I'm 36 ;)

1. Metallic Stars Wall Stickers, £9 (sale) - I'm going to stick these around the shelves once they're up // 2. Yellow Cloud Cushion, £24 - how ADORABLE is this? It's large too, 54x29cm // 3. Sweet Dreams Lampshade, £22 - I liked the neutral colour of this and the dreamy clouds too // 4. Timbuktales Knitted Blanket, £29 - small but perfectly formed, this is to act as a runner at the foot of Evie's bed, over her Liberty duvet covers // 5. Mustard Martos Rug, £39 - this is to go under the bed as a cosy spot to play on

DISCLOSURE: Mamas & Papas very kindly gave a me a voucher to use online, which I topped up with my own hard earned pennies to buy the above. I'm very happy with my purchases and all views are entirely honest and my own.

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