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Thursday, 10 November 2016

A #SecretGardenAdventure with Energiser® + The Secret Life of Pets

Getting out and about in the great outdoors is one of our favourite things to do, and it turns out it's even more fun when you're heading out after dark! That's exactly what the girls and I got up to last weekend..... We layered up, and put on our woollies and waterproofs, and headed out into the garden to star gaze, and hunt for bugs and listen for animals.

This Autumn, Energiser® has teamed up with The Secret Life of Pets to offer customers a chance to win a plush toy with the purchase of special promotional packs. As part of the launch of this collaboration, we were sent some toys of our own, together with a range of batteries and headlamps, and were set the challenge of exploring our garden at night.

Spot the kiddos in night vision goggles!
The kids had a great time looking under logs and stones, and lying on the (ridiculously muddy, sigh) grass looking up at the night sky. We found woodlice and slugs under the log pile, lots of spiders in and under the plant pots and even a grasshopper in the flower bed - the night vision goggles were seriously cool when it came to hunting out mini beasts! We live on the edge of the South Downs which is supposedly one of the best places in Britain to star gaze yet it's something we hadn't done until that night. Boy had we been missing out! We turned off our goggles and headlamps and looked up for ages; the view really was magical.

When we got in from our adventures we were more than a bit chilly, so we all put on our pyjamas and had hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. Evie was so exhausted and snuggly that she fell asleep on the sofa (that never happens!) leaving Daisy to complete the personalised adventure sheets for them both.

Look! All three of us in cartoon form! I love it!

Thanks so much to Energiser® for asking us to be a part of this campaign. Being outdoors may not be a new experience for us, but doing so at night certainly was - and we can't wait to do it again (although possibly on a slightly drier, milder evening next time!).

Follow the hashtag #SecretGardenAdventure on social media to see what other families have been getting up to and, if you're feeling inspired, why not get out there and explore your garden at night too!


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