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Friday, 18 November 2016

Christmas Kitchen Essentials from Steamer Trading Cookshop

My lack of ability in the kitchen is well documented on this blog. But that's not to say I don't enjoy doing a bit of cooking every now and again (especially when there is wine involved) and I LOVE a good kitchen gadget. Aside from the girls' birthdays, when I have promised myself that I'll make their birthday cake(s) every year until they beg ask me to stop, Christmas is one time when I really do make a habit of hanging out in the kitchen. Of course this mostly happens when we have people over for drinks but we also have a few Christmas traditions that require me to put my chef's hat on too.

First of all, I feel like I should stop putting myself down completely. I am perfectly capable of cooking a roast dinner, and a pretty decent one at that. My kids say I make the best roast potatoes and yorkshire puds EVER and that's pretty high praise taking into account the number of roast dinners they've had cooked for them by other people over the years (I usually invite us all over to friends and family members' houses to get out of cooking a Sunday roast or, even better, we head to the pub, where the wine flows freely and there's no washing up). Christmas dinner is just a glorified roast dinner really isn't it - only there's no choice in meat (turkey.... every year.... I love it, and I'm a traditionalist) and you usually have to cook for more people than you're used to (especially when you're me and invite all the waifs and strays over to spend the day with you - no one should be alone at Christmas) plus you have to cook double portions for everyone (because leftovers are The Law). When it comes to the perfect roast/Christmas dinner, timing is everything and good equipment is essential. Nail those and you're grand.

I also love a bit of baking, albeit baking of the Betty Crocker kind (just add eggs and water). That still counts right? I definitely feel like a boss while I'm mixing up ingredients and whether you're weighing out ingredients like a pro or tipping them into a bowl straight from the box, you still need tools and pretty bakeware. For someone who 'doesn't cook' I seem to have amassed more my fair share of kitchen gadgets and paraphernalia!

Taking all this into account, this festive collaboration with Steamer Trading Cookshop was a pretty easy and fun one for me. They got in touch and asked me to put together a wish list of Christmas essentials from their website. My favourite elements of festive feasting are:

• Christmas drinks parties
• Baking gingerbread (ohhhhh the smell!)
• Christmas dinner itself

so these eight products would be pretty handy if you ask me! What do you think? :)

1. 5l Kilner vintage drinks dispenser, £20.95 - I thought that it would be handy to fill this up with soft drinks for the kiddos at a festive get together, so that they can help themselves whenever they need a top up 
2. Tavola long drink glasses, £9.99 - a tad on the expensive side, perhaps, but these babies look and feel like glass but are SHOCKPROOF! Perfect for when kiddos are around 
3. Sabatier two piece carving set, £44.95 - Like I said, good equipment is essential in the kitchen and, in my opinion, if you haven't got decent carving knives, there's no point in serving a roast dinner 
4. Red Mason Cash mixing bowl, £24.50 - This is so beautiful and festive... perfect for Christmas baking 
5. Peugeot stainless steel pepper mill, £49.95 - This is actually already on my Christmas list (along with one of those heated clothes airers, because I'm 36 now you know). Super stylish tableware right there! 
6. Circulon roasting tin and rack set, £19.95 (rrp. £39.99) - Ditto point 3, plus using a rack in a roasting tin makes it easier to clean and you can add all the meat juices to your gravy 
7. Christmas tree cookie cutter and Gingerbread man cookie cutter, £1.75 each - Because what is Christmas without gingerbread? 
8. And for a bit of festive fun, how about these Zoku Naughty or Nice silicon ice molds, £9.99 to jazz up your drinks?


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