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Friday, 4 November 2016

My Home: Colour + Clutter, Simple Monochrome, and Other Juxtapositions

When it comes to decorating and furnishing my home, I've always had pretty eccentric - and utterly contradictory - tastes. On the one hand I love colour and clutter, but at the same time I also love simple, clean, monochrome. I love brightly lit expanses of space, but also love a little cosy and dark snug.

My house is a Victorian worker's cottage; it's very small and, although it suits the three of us perfectly just now, I know that as the girls get older we will need to come up with some seriously clever storage solutions and ways of making the space that we have look and feel bigger.

One bit of work I would love to do is to go up into the loft and create an extra bedroom so that I could move the downstairs bathroom up to the first floor. As in most cottages of the same age, you currently have to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom which is perfectly fine, but moving it would then mean I could extend our current kitchen to give us some more, much needed living space.

And this is where my usual juxtaposition of style comes leaping and bounding straight out of my Pinterest feed! My kitchen is predominantly a real, old fashioned, country style, with free standing pine units and a big pine kitchen table in the middle of the room but I also have a large chrome range cooker and lots of kitchen gadgets. I'd also love to throw some uber modern bifold doors into the mix (I'm thinking the Adorn range from Team Frames Trade & Retail, a lovely local family company, would do nicely).

By extending to the side (with a glass roof) and opening the back of the house up with bifolds, it really would make the room feel huge - and bring the outside in (which is something I'd love to do). I think it really would become the heart of the home, a space that we could all make great use of. I'd definitely have a piano in there, and would probably move my work space (which is currently in the front room) in there too.

It's not likely to happen any time soon but that is definitely a big part of my five year plan.

What alterations would you make to your home to make it perfect for you and your family?

Looking for slightly kooky interiors inspiration? Why not take a look at my 'My Dream Home' board on Pinterest. You can also take a look at this video to see why I'm so in love with the idea of super modern bifold doors!


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