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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

'Twas the Night before Christmas..... Our Festive Traditions #MyWhiteChristmas

There's absolutely no doubt about it; Christmas is my favourite time of year. As soon as we've finished celebrating the girls' birthdays at the beginning of November I'm fully ready to embrace all things festive - and that way we get to stretch the season out for as long as we possibly can.

There are loads of reasons why I love this time of year so much. There's the obvious ones, like getting to spend time with friends and family, eating excessive amounts of cheese on a daily basis (I'm usually dairy free) and the fact it's completely acceptable to drink alcohol in the afternoon on any day in December..... but then there's the not so obvious ones too, like how ridiculously happy the multicoloured decorative tat that fills all the rooms in our house makes me, being able to listen to Christmas music 24/7 without anyone moaning and enjoying all the little family traditions that we've started over the years.

My favourite traditions are our Christmas Eve ones.

We have a little ritual.... after dinner we head outside with our neighbours and sprinkle reindeer food (glittery oats) in the garden and then, every year without fail, when we go back inside THE ELVES HAVE LEFT THE GIRLS A SPECIAL PARCEL UNDERNEATH THE CHRISTMAS TREE! It always contains new pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown which have to be extra comfy and cosy as they then get worn for about eighteen hours solid (we don't usually get dressed until lunchtime on Christmas Day... that's a whole other annual tradition that I love, love, love!).

Bedtime then involves a special Christmassy story, before the girls leave a mince pie and glass of wine out for Father Christmas and hang their stockings at the foot of their beds. Then begins the annual three hour marathon of me shouting 'Father Christmas won't come if you're not asleep' up the stairs before they eventually drift off and I can finally relax, crack open the prosecco and finish my present wrapping! ;)

Last week the lovely people at The Little White Company sent a parcel containing everything we need to make this Christmas Eve extra special.

The White Company is somewhere I often visit for gifts, whether that's at Christmas, for other celebrations - or as a treat for myself (I just bought some new candles.... their Winter scent is utterly divine!) - and the Little White Company is the perfect place to go for new baby gifts. Some of the items they sent us would make really lovely presents for baby's first Christmas, like a traditional knitted snowman stocking, this very cute penguin Christmas tree decoration or this fabric envelope for letters to Santa!

I'm in love with Evie's new sparkly snowflake pyjamas - and how adorable are her fur lined Fairisle slipper boots? There's something seriously luxurious about brand new PJs; these ones are made from super soft 100% cotton and have the prettiest glittery snowflake pattern so are perfect for Christmas Eve.

Thanks so much to The Little White Company for Evie's Night Before Christmas kit.

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