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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Ripleys Believe it or Not! London: A Review

While we were in London with our good friends, the RocknRollerBaby gang, last week we paid a visit to Ripley's Believe It Or Not! in Piccadilly. The girls and I have passed this place SO many times before but never actually gone inside, so we were all really excited to see all the weird and wonderful exhibits that it's famous for.

Like most kids their ages, Daisy and Evie love learning interesting facts which meant this really was a great day out for them. From ancient artefacts, to dinosaur eggs, to five legged cows, to knitted ferraris, to portraits made out of cassette tape (and everything in between!) there was something to capture and keep the attention of us all, and we could have quite easily spent all day there!

This mirror entertained us for ages! As part of the Miss Peregrine exhibition, we were told to look into it and pull our silliest faces. It took a while for us to realise that it was a two way mirror and that there were people standing behind it laughing at us! 

The highlight for us had to be the Miss Peregrine exhibition. We had only watched the film a week or two before and the girls loved seeing all the costumes and props, and learning about the special effects in it. If you're a fan I would definitely recommend heading down to check it out - its on until 5th March!

I loved the art work, and also found the section of the Berlin Wall on display particularly poignant.

Daisy and me in the eye of a needle!

Willard Wigan's microsculptures were a massive hit with all of us; think incredible, teeny tiny microscopic pieces of art sculpted inside the eye of a needle, that can't be seen by the naked eye! We also loved the interactive mirror maze and the black hole and, although the latter left us all feeling super dizzy, we had such a giggle we went on it for a second time!

We had a brilliant time at Ripley's, and if you're looking for something to do in the West End, could not recommend it highly enough!

Top tips?
Book ahead! Tickets are half price if you book two weeks in advance, plus you can get a special meal package that includes a two course meal at Planet Hollywood if you're likely to be hungry. Get your tickets here.
Take your time. I'd say you need an absolute minimum of two hours to see and experience everything, but you could easily spend a whole day there. 
It's not just for kids! There really is something for everyone - plus it's open until midnight each day, so if you're going as a group of grown ups maybe take advantage of the late opening and go in the evening.

We were given complimentary entry for the purpose of this honest review.


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