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Friday, 18 August 2017

Feeling Nostalgic with Kickers #KickersPlayground

When I think back to my childhood in the early eighties, the first thing I think of is playing outside. In the street with the neighbourhood kids, in the local park with my siblings, in the playground at school. In those days there was very rarely such a thing as rainy day play - you were kicked out in your raincoat and wellies and carried on as normal. I think that's why bad weather doesn't bother me in the slightest today - I'm not going to let a bit of drizzle ruin my plans! - so the kids and I will always still go out regardless.

My primary school was in London but it wasn't big like lots of city schools are. In actual fact mine was teeny tiny; just one form entry with only twenty four pupils per class, which meant less than 170 kids in total! Our playground was concreted over (no soft bouncy tarmac, let alone lovely playing fields for us!) and the extent of our play equipment was football and hopscotch markings painted onto the ground. We would spend our playtimes running round like loons, playing games like tag, stick in the mud and Red Rover, often falling over and scraping our knees in the process.

As we got older, things became popular. We used to play with yo-yos, and cats cradle with pieces of string. I remember genuine rivalry over who had the nicest wool or string which is hilarious to think these days! We also started collections - Garbage Pail Kids cards were my favourite (they had a piece of BUBBLE GUM in each packet!) and spokey dokeys and reflectors for our our bike wheels, which came free in cereal packets. Playtimes were used for swapsies and as a place to show off the latest addition to your collection.

I've already mentioned yo-yos, but do you remember tamagotchis? Slapbands? Slinkys? Well everyone's favourite shoe brand, Kickers, are making us all feel nostalgic by giving away 100 #KickersPlayground packs which are made up of a Kickers lunchbox, a Kickers water bottle and a selection of playground favourites old and new. Winners will receive one of each, plus the current trend sweeping the nation (or the playground!) - the fidget spinner.

To enter you just need to share an image of either your old playground toy or your child's current one on Instagram or Facebook, tagging them @KickersUK and using the #KickersPlayground hashtag.

The closing date is 15th September. Click here for full terms and conditions. Good luck!


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