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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Good Food // Breakfast with Ready Brek #Ad

I'm a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it also just happens to be my favourite. It's usually only the weekends that I get to slow down and enjoy a leisurely breakfast myself, but I always make the effort for the kids during the week so that I can send them off to school knowing that their bellies are full and they're all set until lunchtime.

The original Ready Brek is one of our favourite breakfast cereals - and what a great way to kick start the day! Made from wholegrain rolled oats, rich in calcium and vitamin D, and with no added salt or sugar, it's both healthy and nutritious - and with unlimited combinations of toppings it never gets boring either. The girls love to top theirs with banana and honey, or jam and chopped nuts, and on Friday mornings it's tradition to have it with a dollop of chocolate hazelnut spread (and a side of fresh fruit too).

From a mum's point of view, I love that it's so quick to make - you just need to heat up a pan of milk on the hob or put it in the microwave - but it's still a really hearty and warming breakfast, full of slow release energy, that's perfect before the walk to school on a chilly autumn morning.

I never have time to sit down for breakfast during the week but I still like to make sure I eat well. A current favourite is to whizz up a Ready Brek fuelled smoothie in the NutriBullet, which I can then drink on the go. The Ready Brek really fills you up, and as the oats are rolled so finely they are super smooth and easy-to-drink!

Here's my recipe for Banana + Honey Ready Brek Smoothies with Chia, Sunflower + Pumpkin Seeds which a few of you asked for after I featured it on my Instagram Stories earlier this week.

Ready Brek
Milk* - can be regular or dairy / lactose free alternatives
Chia seeds
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds

What to do.
Add all the ingredients to a blender. I tend to use around three tablespoons of Ready Brek and then top it up with around a third of a pint of milk* but you can experiment to come up with your perfect consistency.
Chop up the banana and add it, along with a spoonful of honey and a sprinkling of each of the seeds.
Blend and serve!

*Can also be made with hot milk on an extra chilly day!

Written in association with Ready Brek

Sun Worshipping in Marbella with

First I got my bosoms out for Natalie Lee's Warrior Woman Project, now I'm prancing around by a pool in Marbella being photographed in my swimwear! Whatever next?

But this isn't any old swimwear, oh no. Here I'm wearing the striped bandeau swimsuit from Gottex, which the lovely people at very kindly sent me when they heard about my trip to Spain last weekend.

In the past, fancy swimwear has never really been on my radar. First of all I can't actually swim so you'll never catch me heading to the local pool to do a few lengths after I've dropped the kids at school. Similarly we very rarely go on foreign beach/pool holidays in the summer. I'm ashamed to admit that I've had the same swimsuit for quite a few years and I got it in an end-of-season supermarket sale. Needless to say it's not the prettiest but it does the trick if I decide to take the kids to the leisure centre on a Saturday morning, plus I have a few bikinis which I wear for optimum tanning when the good old British sunshine does decide to make an appearance.

I decided to go for a Gottex swimsuit from after a friend recommended the brand and, more specifically, had commented on how supportive their swimwear is. The striped bandeau one I chose has tummy control and it's no secret that my tummy is the part of my body I'm most self conscious about. The fabric is incredible quality and really thick, so straight away I noticed - and loved - the support it offered plus, with its black, white and gold stripes of varying thicknesses and two sheer panels I felt that it was in a different league to your standard block black or navy support swimsuit. It also has removable gold straps (which I chose not to wear) and soft built in cups which provide some additional support for your boobs if you want or need it. Overall I thought this was a really glamorous looking control swimsuit and it turned out to be super comfy too.

I honestly didn't realise what a difference a good quality swimsuit would make to my confidence - I ended up spending four whole days sun worshipping next to the pool at our Marbella apartment and I even went for a dip in it every day!

The price tag may be a bit on the hefty side (£148.95) but honestly I think it's worth every penny. The thought, details, materials and workmanship that have gone into making this swimsuit are very apparent, even before you put it on.

Thanks so much to UKSwimwear for gifting me this swimsuit. All thoughts are honest and my own.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Celebrating Elephant Appreciation Day with Blackberry Gin Fizz Cocktails +

As if I ever need an excuse to make cocktails, tomorrow is Elephant Appreciation Day and my good friends at very kindly sent me a bottle of Elephant Gin in order to celebrate.

Elephant Gin is an independent London Dry Gin inspired by Africa, and 15% of all profits go to two African elephant foundations to support their preservation and that of African wildlife in general. It's distilled in Germany using fourteen botanicals, including some rare African ingredients which really give it a really distinctive spicy taste.

Each bottle is custom made and priced at £29.95. Elephant also make a sloe gin which is utterly delicious and really warms the cockles (especially at this time of year when the weather's getting a bit chilly!).

ALSO perfect at this time of year is a Blackberry Gin Fizz, and that's exactly what I made using my bottle of Elephant Gin.

Elephant Gin
Prosecco (I used Martini prosecco, available from for £9.95)
Blackberries (frozen ones work just as well as fresh)
Lime juice
Crushed ice

What to do.
Use a fork to crush four or five blackberries in a bowl. Remove the cores if they're especially big.
Add to the bottom of a hi ball glass and add a small shot of gin. I used 15ml but you can add more if you want to ;)
Fill glass with crushed ice.
Top up with prosecco.
Add a squeeze of lime.
Garnish with a slice of lime and a couple of blackberries.

Enjoy x


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Mindfulness for Children // The Calm Buddha at Bedtime

Mindfulness is a bandwagon that I've happily jumped on recently. Its very trendy to practice meditation and mindfulness right now, but it is in fact something that has been practiced for thousands of years and I don't think it should be a passing phase for anyone.

In short, mindfulness is a really simple type of meditation, that involves relaxation, breathing, focusing on any negative thoughts you may have and learning to deal with them before they have a more serious effect on you. Its a way of controlling your feelings and, ultimately your life, and in doing so leaning to be compassionate - to yourself as well as to others.

Today's world is incredibly fast paced, which I think can sometimes have a negative effect on us all if we're not careful, children included. Daytimes are packed full of activities and technology, so it's important to me that the girls and I all take some time out to relax at some point. Our evenings have always been the time to reflect on the day and to wind down before bedtime. We have a no tech rule after dinner (that includes TV) and, even though the girls are getting older now, we still follow the traditional bedtime routine of dinner, bath, pyjamas, story and then sleep!

Evie has now joined Daisy at school, which means lots of changes for her. Making new friends, learning new routines and new things in general, even just being away from home for six hours a day can all take its toll on someone so little. I hate to think of any child feeling stressed about changes in their lives, so I'm making an extra special effort to spend time with her, one to one, at bedtime. To talk about how school is going and to make sure she is happy and relaxed. I've started to stagger bedtimes so that Daisy also gets a bit of time with me once Evie is all tucked up and I have to say it's working really well.

A new addition to the kids' bookshelf is The Calm Buddha at Bedtime by Dharmachari Nagaraja, a practising Buddhist for over twenty years and previously head of the Covent Garden Meditation Centre and a regular presenter on BBC Radio 2. He has put together a collection of eighteen ancient Buddhist tales that teach children about friendship, honesty and compassion. These particular stories have been chosen to reassure children about any worries they might have, to teach them valuable life lessons, to boost their self-confidence and to promote relaxation and prepare them for a good night's sleep. Of course they are also really lovely stories, with beautiful illustrations, engaging characters and good morals, all of which makes them perfect bedtime reading!

We have been reading a story a night since the beginning of term and Evie loves getting 'the bedtime book' out and finding the right page to start the next instalment! Each story has a message and we like to take time to talk about them and relate them to every day scenarios once we have finished reading them. There's also a collection of mindfulness meditations at the end of the book that can be used at any time of day to help bring calm and contentment, and a bit more information on learning to mediate, which is great for first timers both young and old.

I very rarely review books on the blog but this one (which we were very kindly sent by the publisher - thank you!) has turned out to be really special and I'd recommend it to any parent looking for something simple and meaningful to read with their children, particularly at this quite stressful time of year.

Its available on Amazon here for £12.99.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Good Food // Lunch at ROAST, Borough Market

I'm lucky enough to get to review restaurants quite regularly, although most of the time I'm specifically asked to bring the children with me for their point of view too. Last week, however, I was invited to have lunch at Roast in Borough Market, and I deliberately arranged to go on a week day while the kids were at school so that I could take my friend Emma along instead (sorry kids!). After the school holidays we both definitely deserved a long, leisurely, boozy, child free lunch.

Borough Market is one of my favourite places in London. I love the colour, and the smells, and the noise. It's just so vibrant and alive. It's all undercover so makes a brilliant day out, whatever the weather; in fact I particularly love it in the lead up to Christmas - the New Forest Cider stall is amazing all year round but starts to sell the most delicious mulled cider when the weather turns cold. There are also hundreds of stalls to pick up special bits and pieces for festive meals, or Christmas presents for foodie friends. It was a treat in itself to jump on the train into London and have a little wander around the market, but getting to have a fancy lunch in a beautiful restaurant made the day extra special.

Roast is upstairs in the Floral Hall at Borough Market and, if you get the right seat, has some seriously spectacular views across London and of the market itself.

Restauranteur Iqbal Wahhab OBE (of Cinnamon Club fame) opened Roast in 2005. Together with Head Chef Stuart Cauldwell, they source the finest quality, seasonal produce from British farmers, fishermen and wine makers (a lot of their ingredients come from the stalls of Borough Market!) and the amazing menu is a tribute to them all. It literally took us half an hour to choose what to eat for each course, and that was even after pouring over the menu online at home!

In the end we opted for the seared scallops with fennel, blueberries, lavender and smoked almonds and the Dorset crab and avocado with cucumber to start, washed down with expertly paired glasses of Austrian Grüner Veltliner and Hungarian dry Tokaji respectively.

For our mains Emma chose the braised ox cheeks with creamed onion and smoked Isle of Wight garlic with a (huge!) side of mashed potato, washed down with a glass of Saint-Joseph cuvee Ro-Ree syrah.

I went for the Hereford sirloin steak (cooked to PERFECTION!) which had been recommended by our server. It came with chimichurri and chips, and I had a baby gem heart salad with preserved lemon and caper dressing on the side. I also had a large glass of Roast's very own, and exceptionally delicious, Malbec.

The highlight of the meal for me had to be the dessert! We had the Cambridge burnt cream (which was a plate for two) and it was honestly the most delicious creme brûlée I have ever eaten. A final glass of Moscato d'Asti Nivola finished off the meal perfectly.

Our meal at Roast was utter perfection; each course was heaven, and our servers were lovely and extremely knowledgeable about the menu and its ingredients. They made excellent recommendations based on our tastes, and were attentive but not over bearing. Special thanks to our sommelier, Marco Antonio Silva, who was absolutely incredible and picked out some wonderful wines to compliment our food.

You can find Roast at The Floral Hall, Stoney Street, London SE1 1TL // Tel: 0203 00 66 111

Our food and drinks were complimentary in exchange for this honest review. All words and photographs are my own.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Food // An Autumnal Metis® Crumble Recipe

As soon as the weather changes, I always have an overwhelming urge to get my bake on. I'm not a particularly good cook, but autumnal recipes always seem so much simpler - and so much more rewarding too. 

I love comfort food. Soups, stews and pies (both sweet and savoury!) are my absolute favourites. Not only do they taste amazing and warm the cockles when the weather turns cold, they're also super easy to make - and a great way of using up any fruit and veg in the fridge. I'm also particularly fond of a fruit crumble. Again, they're so simple to make - there's only a handful of ingredients - and measurements pretty much go out of the window! That's totally my kind of baking.

This week I've been experimenting with a new fruit to hit British supermarkets - the Metis®! A unique natural hybrid of a plum and an apricot, these fruits are currently available at Tesco and remain in season until November - so if you see some on the shelves over the next couple of months be sure to give them a whirl.

There are four members of the Metis® family - the huge tonic Metis®, the beautiful safari Metis®, the sweet aroma Metis® and the super juicy oxy Metis®. They're deliciously sweet but with crisp skin and firm flesh so they're ideal for lunch boxes and picnics as they are so portable and don't bruise easily.

So, armed with a basket full of mixed Metis®, I was challenged to create an autumnal dish to showcase them to the world - and I chose to make a Metis® crumble. I don't mean to blow my own horn and I know no one likes a show off - but it was absolutely divine* so I thought I'd share the recipe with you today.

*So good that the girls and I ate eight portions between us!

This recipe will fill a large baking dish and feed six to eight people. As I said above, you can totally play around with the ingredients and their quantities.

15 large, ripe Metis®, chopped and stones removed - I used a combination of all four varieties.
1x lemon
8oz golden caster sugar
6oz plain flour
4oz rolled oats
4oz butter

What to do.
Preheat the oven to 180c. Grease a large ovenproof dish.
Place the Metis® in the dish, cover with the juice of half a lemon and 4oz golden caster sugar.
Mix another 4oz golden caster sugar with 6oz plain flour and 4oz rolled oats. Rub together with 4oz butter to create the crumble topping!
Sprinkle over the Metis® and bake in the oven for 40 minutes or so (until the crumble is golden brown).

Serve with custard and enjoy on a chilly Autumn day!


Monday, 11 September 2017

Five Favourites: The AW17 Nutmeg Womenswear Edition

W E A R I N G:
The girls: velour top, £8 // monochrome checked skirt (comes complete with tights), £10
Me: denim shirt, £20 // biker jacket, £35 
all c/o Nutmeg from Morrisons

TRUMPET FANFARE! At long last Morrisons have released a womenswear collection for AW17 - and I'm happy to report it's an absolute cracker.

Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in a Google Hangout with Mel Davies, Nutmeg's Design Manager, and nine other bloggers. Mel talked us through the current AW17 collections for babies, girls, boys - as well as the brand spanking new womenswear range, which is now available across 70 Morrisons stores nationwide.

I picked out my five favourites from the new collection. What do you think of them?

1 // Floral trousers, £14 - these are like an affordable version of the Lowie print I was banging on about all summer. A must buy!
2 // Denim shirt with frill detail, £20 - I love this feminine detail on a wardrobe staple
3 // Culottes, £16 - culottes are my current obsession - you can sit cross legged and cartwheel with your kids without having to worry about flashing ;)
4 // Faux suede biker jacket, £35 - this is literally my FAVOURITE thing I own right now. I love the colour, and the fabric is super soft
5 // Floral dress, £18 - this is the perfect dress to see you into Autumn. Just team with a pair of brown boots and a chunky knit cardie

Celebrating National Teddy Bear Day with Build-A-Bear Workshop

If you watched my Instagram Stories over the weekend, you'll have seen a couple of teddy bears make some guest appearances..... that's because the lovely people at Build-A-Bear sent Daisy and Evie two of their special, limited edition National Teddy Bear Day bears and a hamper full of goodies to help us celebrate National Teddy Bear Day in style!

The day itself was on Saturday, but it was on Sunday that we made our way to the Build-A-Bear Workshop in Bentalls department store, Kingston, to pick out some party threads for our new friends.

Now my kids LOVE Build-A-Bear. It's right up there with Smiggle and Tiger in the cool stakes. It's always a place we visit when they have 'big' money to spend, like birthday or Christmas money - and it is literally THE DREAM to have a birthday party there one day. There really is something magical about getting to make your own toy and the B-A-B team have it spot on; they're always so kind and patient with the children (trust me, I know - we have spent a lot of time and money in this shop over the years!) and there are so many gorgeous little details - like making a wish on the toy's heart and creating a birth certificate - that really contribute to the whole experience. If you've not paid a workshop a visit yet, it's definitely something you have to do once in your life!

Aside from making your own toy, the store also sells lots of accessories - and that's what we were there to buy. The selection is insane - there's so much to choose from! School uniforms, pyjamas, party dresses, character dress ups. The girls spent at least half an hour flitting from stand to stand choosing bits and pieces and then changing their minds! In the end, Daisy chose a top/leggings/tutu combo with sparkly black shoes and a wig for her bear, and Evie went for a sequin skirt, butterfly t-shirt and sparkly black shoes for hers! The best thing about the accessories is that they are super affordable, with prices starting at just £3. The end of season sales are brilliant - very often prices are slashed by 50% - and lets face it, bears don't care whether they're wearing the latest trends!

Once our bears were kitted out in some fancy new clothes we made our way back to the sticks to have a picnic but, of course, in true British Summertime style, the heavens opened and we had to have it indoors. The girls were really disappointed that they didn't get to play outside but hey! A Teddy Bears picnic is super fun, whatever the weather.

We ate delicious, especially commissioned teddy bear biscuits from our favourite biscuit sellers, Biscuiteers, we did teddy bear themed arts and crafts and we made teddy bear shaped chocolate rice crispy cakes. Celebrating National Teddy Bear Day ended up being a pretty perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon in the end! Did you do anything to mark the occasion?


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Me, My Girls and My Little Pony #ad

Ahh, My Little Pony; a brand that I truly treasured when I was a child and one that my girls treasure now. I love toys that stand the test of time and to see my own children playing with ones that meant so much to me three decades ago really is something special.

I didn't save the My Little Ponies of my 1980s childhood (much to my regret) but we re-started our collection when Daisy was younger and Evie has now inherited it. Over the years we've amassed a fair few figurines, castles and styling heads - and the girls are always excited when new toys hit the market!

This month more than thirty brand new My Little Pony products have launched at the UK's number one toy retailer, Argos. From blind bags to larger figurines, playsets and accessories - and with prices starting at just £2.99 - there really is something for everyone. They very kindly asked us to choose a selection of goodies from the new range and they have gone down an absolute storm in our house. I always knew Evie would love them but they have also reignited Daisy's love affair with My Little Pony (and mine!)

We chose the My Little Pony Cutie Beauty Make-Up Case (RRP £24.99). Both of my girls are make-up obsessed - in fact I had a little afternoon doze courtesy of my jet lag earlier this week and woke up to find Evie with half the contents of my make up bag all over her face! Now I'm partial to smokey eyes and bright lips which doesn't really suit a four year old, so we were both thrilled when she received this beautiful palette of pale pink lip glosses, lipsticks and brush on/peel off nail varnishes. The rings and hair clips were also massive hits!

The girls were also sent a Glitter and Style Seapony (RRP £14.99) which was immediately bagsied by mermaid-obsessed Daisy - and a My Little Pony Shining Friends figure (RRP £14.99) - renamed 'high-fiving Rainbow Dash' by Evie as she lights up when you high five her! Both are from My Little Pony - The Movie and have made the girls super excited about it's release later this year. I'm excited about it's all star voice cast featuring no less than Emily Blunt and Sia! Watch the trailer here:

The My Little Pony blind bags are particular favourites of ours - at £2.99 they make brilliant pocket money toys and are great fun to swap with your friends when you double up! We also like to buy the slightly bigger figurines (like this Applejack one) as birthday presents. They're a great price at £5.99.

The new range of My Little Pony toys and accessories is available at Argos now. And did you know Argos also offers a Fast Track delivery service, with same day home delivery available for just £3.95? - perfect for last minute gifts!

Working in collaboration with Argos for the launch of the brand new My Little Pony range.


Monday, 4 September 2017

Five Favourites ♥ Storage Solutions for Kids' Bedrooms with Wayfair

One of the downsides of living in a small house is the serious lack of storage. Our place has none whatsoever, and I'm constantly trying to figure out where to put all my tat our belongings, particularly downstairs (I recently wrote about making the most out of a tiny kitchen if, like me, you struggle cooking in a small space and fancy a read).

Although it's a three bed, our house has one double bedroom and two much smaller singles. Evie's is the smallest of the two - it has a sloping roof and only just fits a single bed and a chest of drawers in it but she's not desperately worried about the lack of space. I bought her this cabin bed from Wayfair a year or so ago, so that we could make the most of the space underneath it and she's pretty happy with that for now. But with Daisy being a bit older and a bit bigger, and liking different things - like writing and drawing and having friends to play and to stay over - I've been looking at ways to maximise the space in her room.

The obvious first choice was to swap her regular single bed for bunks (there's no way we could have chosen a bed with a trundle as there just isn't the floorspace for the second mattress). Having a small house with no spare rooms, bunks would give us an extra bed for visitors as well as being perfect for those all important sleepovers.

Continuing my role as a Wayfair Home Expert, we were given the opportunity to review a set and we opted for the Barnese Kids Bunkbeds. They were a really reasonable price (less than £300) which i thought would suit most budgets and I loved the style of the headboards; very smart looking, with straight vertical slats and a slight curve to the horizontal ones. They're made from solid pine and the beds have solid slatted bases so are very durable and sturdy and I can confirm they were super easy to build. The instructions said it was a two man job and would take 2hrs 30 but they actually went up in one hour, and with only one pair of hands too.

The girls absolutely love them. Now they can both sleep on 'the top bunk' - Daisy on her bunkbeds and Evie on her cabin bed - although they do also like to sleep in the same room too, and making a den on the bottom bunk using sheets and duvets has become one of their favourite things to do!

As Daisy's bedroom is next on the list to be decorated, Ive been thinking about other ways I can maximise the space in her room. I've come up with these five favourite storage / space saving items, all available from Wayfair. I hope you like them!

1 // Bunkbeds, £298.99
Bunkbeds are the ultimate space saver when it comes to two sharing a room, whether that's siblings or just friends coming over for the occasional sleepover! This is the model we have from Wayfair and the girls and I all love them. They're simple and smart (I'm not a fan of pine or ornate spindles) and were super easy to put together.

2 // Wall shelves, £99.99
Hanging wall shelves will save you valuable floorspace - just make sure you get sturdy, good quality ones like these, that can take the weight of plenty of books and ornaments!

3 // Chest of drawers, £280.99
Large, bulky wardrobes aren't really necessary in a kid's bedroom - the majority of clothes can be folded and put away in drawers. The cut out heart details of this one are gorgeous - plus you could hang a shelving unit above it.

4 // Corner desk, £170.99
Make the most out of a wasted corner by adding a desk. This one is compact, with a pull out keyboard tray and shelves underneath. It could also be used as a dressing table.

5 // Bench storage unit, £111.99
This is a great and super stylish way to tidy away toys neatly - plus it doubles up as somewhere to sit and read - just add a couple of cosy cushions to the top!


Saturday, 2 September 2017

Too Cool for School: Shiny New Shoes from Startrite

Aaaarrrghhhhhhh, is there anything cuter than shiny new school shoes with fresh white socks and little knobbly knees?

Buying school shoes is a massive thing for me. It's really important to me that the girls have the best I can afford. They're little hippies at home and are usually either barefoot in the summer or in wellies during the winter, so when it comes to choosing the shoes that they are going to be wearing for (a minimum of) six hours a day, five days a week, I want comfort for them - and support for their growing feet. I also like to make sure they get their feet measured regularly and that their school shoes are replaced whenever necessary.

Startrite very kindly contacted us at the beginning of the summer holidays and offered the girls a pairs of shoes each. I'm already a big fan of Startrite; our local independent shoe shop in town stocks them so I have bought my fair share of pairs over the years. I love the wide choice of styles they have on offer (they're particularly good at winter boots in my opinion!) and I also think the prices are pretty reasonable compared to other high street shops.

Evie chose the Poppy style (left) - I think those adorable T-bars make the perfect first school shoes! - and Daisy went for the more grown up Mary Jane (right). Both are made from super soft black leather, both retail at £42.99 a pair, and both are also available in black patent (I love a black patent shoe but it's so much easier to keep plain leather ones looking lovely and new as the weeks go by!) I know from experience that the quality of all Startrite shoes are exceptional but with these styles in particular, I love that they have velcro fastenings (that will make getting ready for school in the mornings so much quicker and easier!) plus the ankles are padded for support and the soles are lightweight and flexible.

Thanks so much to Startrite for sending the girls their new shoes! They can't wait to wear them (even if it does mean going back to school!).

Friday, 1 September 2017

Back to School with Nutmeg

I've loved Nutmeg kids clothes ever since they launched back in 2013. Out of all the supermarket clothing brands, their range is by far the best; every season they release incredible collections, the quality of their products are far superior to their competitors and their prices are unbeatable.

Something else I love about their clothes is their thoughtful details; no itchy labels, easy to fasten buttons, zips and poppers, and super soft fabrics. Of course their thoughtful details extend to their school range and also include teflon coating, bobble resistant fabric and adjustable waistbands so that skirts and trousers will last the whole school year.

As with all their clothes, their back to school range has a 200 day no quibble guarantee - which covers rips, spillages and outgrown pieces - to assure parents of their quality and durability. These clothes really will survive the wear and tear of the playground!

After gushing about just how great they are, it goes without saying that I was pretty darn happy when they sent the girls some school wear for the new term. Their polo shirts have little puffball sleeves, pretty scalloped collars and heart shaped buttons and are just £4 for two, and their pleated skirts with sequinned butterfly detail are just £4 each! The girls are supposed to wear cardigans with their school logo on them but I always buy some cheaper plain ones for when they inevitably go missing. The nutmeg cardigans are £4 (and sweatshirts £3). The most expensive item in the collection is the pinafore at £5!

I can't believe Daisy goes back to school next week - and that Evie starts reception the week after! How am I old enough to have two kids at school?!

Enjoy the last weekend of the holidays everyone x
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