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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

HOME // Five Favourites: Finishing Touches for the Bedroom

I've lost count of the number of posts I've written in the past about how much I longed to turn my bedroom into a beautiful, restful sanctuary, rather than it being a dumping ground for everyone else's stuff. It got completely overlooked after we moved in; every other room had a makeover but for some reason mine got neglected - and because it's not been a particularly nice place to be, with visible plaster patches on the walls and curtains from our old house that didn't quite fit the window, it had become a home for piles of things on their way to other places; like clean laundry ready to go away and papers waiting to be filed.

Well I'm pleased to report that it has finally had it's long overdue and well deserved lick of paint and I've started to shop for soft furnishings and accessories. It's almost ready to show off in a room tour! I've kept it simple and painted the whole room white, mainly because I like to go all out with bold patterned bedding and brightly coloured artwork on the walls, but also, on a practical level, using a cheap trade emulsion will make it easy to touch up any scuff marks that might appear as time goes on.

So yes! Those fabulous finishing touches. Isn't this the best part of redecorating a bedroom? I've spent hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking for inspiration; it's been so much fun! Here are just a few of the things that I've bought recently or that are on my wishlist:

1. Framed and mounted Frida Kahlo print, £72 - Desenio // I already have this and couldn't love it more! I went for the biggest size I could get - the frame is 70x100cm and it fills one of the walls in my bedroom.
2. Cactus neon light, £37.99 - Prezzybox // Again I already have this. I'd wanted a neon light for forever but the ones I liked were always so expensive. This one was super affordable, and you can also get a pink flamingo or a blue anchor for the same price.
3. Myleene Klass tropical duvet set, £40.50 and 4. Myleene Klass gold palm curtains, £44.10 - both Very via LovetheSales // These are on my wishlist! I think they go perfectly together and I know they're verging on tacky but I love them!
5. White Hemnes full length mirror, £80 - IKEA // I bought this mirror for the bargain price of £29 at the last IKEA family event. It's back up to full price now but worth keeping your eyes open for another deal in January!


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