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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

WORK // On Being Self Employed

I hit publish on my very first blog post almost eight years ago. That post was short, to the point and pretty much summed up where I was in my life and what I hoped to achieve from blogging. I’d just become a mum for the first time and wanted to connect with other new mums.

I’d spent the early part of my maternity leave reading American lifestyle blogs and at that point blogging was just taking off in the UK. I felt - and loved! - the sense of community amongst those US bloggers and wanted in on the action myself. So I launched Modern Mummy as a creative outlet, met lots of other blogging mums online that were also starting a similar journey and I never looked back! After a couple of years of hobby blogging, I slowly started monetising my posts. Fast forward another five years and now I’m lucky enough to call this my job.

And it’s a job I’m very proud of. The work is fun and varied and the girls get some absolutely amazing opportunities because of it. One minute I’m developing a recipe for the humble butternut squash, the next we’re jetting off to Walt Disney World with Virgin Holidays. No two days are ever the same! But what I love most about it is that it's flexible. I get to pick and choose the campaigns I work on and set my own hours, which means I can always be there for the girls - doing the school run, watching their school plays, helping them with their homework, putting them to bed.

But being self-employed also has its down sides. If I want to be there for the girls I have to work late into the night a hell of a lot. My brain is constantly ticking and its hard to switch off. Things have got slightly easier since both girls are now at school but the holidays are hard work.... running the house and looking after the kids (and animals) whilst trying to take photographs for posts and meet deadlines is a constant juggle plus, of course, there’s the financial worry as your income isn’t guaranteed every month.

Blogging, and Social Media as a whole, is a constantly evolving industry. It's heaps of fun to be a part of but it also means you have to constantly be on the ball. As a blogger, you have to wear many, many hats (it’s just as well I like hats ;)). Writing, editing, styling, photography, marketing, website building, planning, budgeting and networking are all part of the job description and its a lot of work on a daily basis.

But it's worth it. Being at home with the girls is my priority, with paying the mortgage a close second, and blogging has enabled me to do both. And for that I am very grateful.

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