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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hello 2018!

Happy, happy, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I've had a bit of an extended break this festive period; I didn't plan to, but I ended up pretty much shutting up shop for the whole of the kids' holidays which was bloody lovely. They went back to school on Monday and I've just finished replying to all my emails so I thought I'd go crazy and write a blog post too ;)

Our Christmas was pretty chilled really. We had a few days out - visiting family and a couple of trips into London (one to see Pinocchio at the National Theatre which was incredible, if you get the chance to see it you absolutely must!). But mostly we just hung out at home - we spent lots of lazy mornings in our pyjamas and had lots of long, leisurely breakfasts. The girls also FINALLY mastered the art of the lie in. Both have always been ridiculously early risers and, after eight years, I thought I'd just have to accept that our days would always start before 6am. But over the holidays our wake ups got later and later and now I'm having to drag them out of bed for school in the morning. Fingers crossed they snooze lots this weekend!

I know lots of people are anti-new years resolutions - I am usually one of those people! - but somehow I've managed to set myself loads of goals this year. Hannah over at What Hannah Did Next,  tagged me in her 18 Goals for 2018 post and, although I've not quite got 18, I've definitely got a few, which I thought I'd share with you all here.

Firstly, I'm giving Veganuary a go! The girls and I have been veggie pretty much ever since we brought the chickens home and I'm supposedly dairy free (although that went out the window over Christmas - HELLO cheese and chocolate!) so the transition has been easier for me than I imagine it has been for others. I'm missing eggs a LOT - the hens give us six a day, most of which I'm now reluctantly handing over to friends and family. I can't see my veganism lasting beyond January as I don't want to have to give them up permanently. I've had a few interesting debates on Instagram and Facebook about 'vegans' eating eggs. Of course, I'm completely anti-the egg industry, but when it comes to happy, healthy, pet hens, I really don't see the problem in eating their eggs. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this if you have any!

Another goal I have this year is to give up as much single use plastic as possible. A few years ago I gave up plastic bags; now my aim is to reduce the amount of food I buy in unrecyclable plastic packaging, to stop buying bottled drinks / takeaway coffees (I've invested in my own coffee cup) and to stop accepting straws in drinks. We've switched our plastic toothbrushes to bamboo ones and have bought beeswax food wraps to replace cling film and foil. We are already avid recyclers and it's literally JUST this single use, unrecyclable plastic that fills up our bin each week. How amazing would it be to reduce that too, and eventually be zero waste?

I've got lots of work plans this year. Modern Media is going from strength to strength and I launched a brand new website for it at the end of last year. I've also bought a new domain name for a new blog that I will be launching next month. As the children are getting older, they don't want to be involved quite so much, which I completely understand and appreciate. I'll continue to publish family related content on Modern Mummy but will also have a more 'grown up' space for things I like too! I'll keep you posted on this.

I also plan to do some studying this year; I have two photography courses lined up, and am also about to start a course in Moonology, which I'm sure lots of you will roll your eyes at but is something that has fascinated me for the longest time. The last couple of goals I have for this year are also ones 'for me' - I plan to get my paints out again and want to paint the portraits of all of those people in my collection of old cat photos! I also want the girls and I to spend lots more time at the beach this year. We hardly visited the coast in 2017 and I'm certain its a direct link to me feeling so low.

So there we have it! Our Christmas in a nutshell and my plans for 2018 in four paragraphs! I hope you all had lovely festive breaks too x


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