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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

GIRL POWER with Desenio

As is always the case, we currently have a bit of a DIY project going on at home. I say "going on at home" but what I really mean is "going on inside my head". Basically I've been spending an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest daydreaming about turning our garden cabin into a bit of an art studio / office for myself.

I really do plan to do this, but it's going to have to wait until August, when the girls are on holiday with their Dad and I can get stuck in (and I also have a decent amount of time to persuade my Dad and cousin to spend a day in the sticks building things and running electricity down to the end of my garden).

But that hasn't stopped the research, nor has it stopped the spending! I've planned EVERYTHING and have got the cabin pretty much kitted out now, with shelving units, a desk and a new easel ready to be put together. It all just has to stay in boxes and get in my way in the main house until all the work has been done. Most importantly (we all know shopping for the finishing touches is THE BEST part about redecorating any space) I've also got some incredibly important wall art ready to be put up!

I'm collaborating with one of my favourite Scandinavian brands for this post; Desenio are purveyors of the finest, affordable art work (and frames) and their prints adorn pretty much every single wall in my house. They asked if I'd like them to send me some prints for my new office and I took them up on their kind offer, going with a bit of a pink / Girl Power theme.

I plan to paint the whole of the interior of the cabin white, even the floor and the ceiling, so I liked the idea of there being a few pops of colour in there. I also plan to fill it with plants, so green, pink and white are combination I'll be following.

The prints I chose from Desenio (which are currently on display in my living room!) are:

Support Your Local Girl Gang print, 21 x 30cm - £5.95
Gold frame - £8.95

Yes Oui print, 50 x 70cm - £21.95
White frame - £21.95

Good Vibes Only print, 30 x 40cm - £11.95
White frame - £11.95

You can see the other Desenio prints and frames I've got in my house here and here.

If you're keen to buy some prints for your own home, the code “katyearley” gives 25% off posters* between July 17th and 19th. 

*Does not include frames or handpicked-/collaboration posters


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

2018 Style Trends That Look Set to Last

When it comes to fashion, this year has been pretty interesting so far. We've seen some quite radical new styles suddenly appear in the shops, most of which will disappear almost overnight of course, but there are a few style changes that are likely to roll over into the autumn (so the summer sales are a perfect time to pick up a bargain or two). Here are a few examples of the styles you'll see me wearing into AW 2018.

White footwear 
As you can see here white shoes are very popular this year. You can buy everything from casual white crocs to formal white court shoes. The last time white shoes were this popular was in the 80s when the trend lasted pretty much the whole decade and everyone was wearing white ankle boots during the autumn months. I picked up a pair last spring and bloody love them... I'll definitely be taking them into September and beyond and wearing them with little sixties shift dresses while it's still warm enough to have bare legs!

Baggier jeans and trousers 
After what feels like an ETERNITY, skinny jeans finally seem to be on their way out and it feels kind of weird to be wearing looser cuts, again. But, HELLO COMFORT! I'm mad about my mom jeans and am so happy that the trend of wearing looser fitting jeans and trousers is set to continue into the colder months. Right now, the tapered look is in, but you more and more retailers are also offering more straight cut jeans. Who knows, by this time next year we may even be back to wearing flares ;) (and that really WOULD make me happy!)

ALL HAIL THE JUMPSUIT! It's taken a while, but jumpsuits do seem to have finally broken through and there are hundreds available in the shops (and in the sales!). People may disagree with me but I think jumpsuits are super practical. You may have to get half naked in order to go to the loo but you can just throw them on without having to think about matching tops and bottoms plus, when made from the right material, your spring / summer ones will last into the new season. This article explains how to choose a cut that is most likely to suit your body type. I've amassed quite a collection over the course of the last year and have tailored ones, MC Hammer style ones and even cut out ones (great if you love the two piece trend but want to hide your mum tum like me!)

Skirts instead of trousers 
This year, most designers have included more skirts in their collections. The warmer weather means that they have been well received and widely worn. So, the skirt is well and truly back on most women’s must-have list. It will be interesting to see what happens when the weather starts to get cooler. Provided it does not get too cold the chances are we will still want to wear our skirts. Denim and chino style skirts are warm enough to wear during the autumn months.

Glittery shoes 
I'm loving the sparkly sandals available everywhere right now. As you can see here, I was lucky enough to pick up a beautiful pair and this style of glamorous footwear is perfect for a festive party later in the year too. I'm hoping stores will be selling more glittery boots and other styles come autumn too!

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