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Monday, 24 September 2018

8 Tips For a Stress-Free House Move With Kids

Moving to a new house is hard work. Many say it’s one the most stressful things you’ll ever do. Trying to pack-up and move with kids tangled around your ankles makes it extra challenging!

Small kids are experts at making house-packing take at least five times as long. You’re all ready to start to chucking stuff into a packing box. But, there’s one problem — your toddler has taken up residence inside it (cue tantrum when you try to remove them).

But, there are ways to reduce the stress of moving home. For instance, services like We Buy Any House can take the pressure off by managing all the paperwork and costs.

Here are eight more simple tips to help you and your kids move home (hopefully a little) more calmly and happily.

1. Plan
There’s lots to think about when you’re selling up and moving home. Even more so when you have kids. You need to consider their needs. Create a plan of action beforehand to help you keep on track — moneywise and timewise.

Things to consider: 
Packing always takes longer than you think. Plan for it so you don’t end up panicking at the end with only hours to go before the removal van arrives.
Timescales — create goals and milestones.
Budget - e.g. the cost of packing, hiring a van, cleaning the property
Be prepared — you will always have more things than you think
No time for nostalgia — pack your things, don’t waste time reminiscing otherwise it will take forever. Children especially can get very emotionally attached to their toys. You need to be gentle and patient with them. Think about the best time to pack their belongings in your plan.
Declutter — organise storage or a skip early.
What are the kids going to do? Organise childcare early and make sure everyone involved knows what’s happening, so you’re not caught short.

2. Listen 
Change can be difficult for anyone but especially for kids. Moving house can be an emotional and upsetting time for them.  Even more so if you’re moving to another city or country and leaving friends and family behind.

It’s important you explain what’s happening.  Talk about the move. Ask them how they feel. Give them choices — do you want to pack this or that? Or, what colour do you want to paint your new room?

Try to make it an exciting adventure. Talk about all nice things you are going to do together once you’ve moved. Be positive. And, if you do feel stressed, try to not show it.

3. Involve the Kids 
Small children love being helpful. They usually just really want to be included. So, include them — create little tasks they can do. You can ask them to pick their favourite toys or to help you put things in the recycling box. For older kids, they can set up a stall outside the house and sell unwanted things. Or make it a competition, who can fill the most rubbish bags in an hour. Whilst, for smaller kids there’s bubble wrap — who can resist popping those squishy air blobs?

4. Childcare Support 
When the kids start to complain they’re bored — it’s time to get help. Organise playdates, ask grandparents to take them out or even better, for a sleepover. With young babies you might prefer to ask someone to come over and literally hold them whilst you get on with things.

5. Never Move During Term Time If You Have School Age Kids. 

6. Don’t Abandon the Routine 
This is important, particularly for babies and younger children. For starters, having consistent nap times and bedtimes means you have guaranteed childfree time. For kids who feel unsettled by the change, keeping a familiar routine (both when you pack and move into your new home) will help them feel more secure and adjust to the new space faster.

7. Take Time-Out 
Don’t forget or ignore your own well-being needs. Practice self-care. Take regular breaks each day away from both the packing and kids — go for a walk, read a book, listen to music, have coffee with a friend.

8. Laugh 
There’s no escaping the fact that moving home can be an emotional rollercoaster at times, Seeing the funny side can help diffuse tension and put stress in perspective. And, let’s face it, laughing sometimes is the best remedy.

Amidst the cardboard box chaos and toddler bubble wrap stamping, try to handover as much as you can. These days you can employ professional packers and house movers to do all the work for you. Also, services offered by House Buy Fast can help you manage all the paperwork and contracts — leaving you free to focus on starting a life in your new home.


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