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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

WELLBEING // Boosting Your Immune System with Dr.Dünner PhytoVitality Supplements #AD

There's only one thing I hate more than the freezing cold winter months, and that's getting a cold during the freezing cold winter months! Thankfully (and touch wood) I've managed to avoid getting one for a fair few years now. Without meaning to come across all holier than thou, I'm pretty certain that's down to my diet - I drink plenty of water, eat more than my fair share of fresh fruit and veg, and beans and pulses every day, and on the odd occasion I've felt on the verge of coming down with something, I've managed to nip it in the bud with an extra dose of vitamins and a big bowl of spicy ramen (honestly, ramen is the best cure for sniffles and sore throats!).

Since the end of last year, I've been working with Dr. Dünner PhytoVitality supplements and have been taking their Nasturtium, Rosehip and Elderflower capsules daily. They were already on my radar before this collaboration, as they come very highly recommended by two of my closest friends. Although I'm a big fan of getting my nutrients directly from my diet, I know there is a time and a place for a little bit of help, and when that time comes I'm all for raw, organic, herbal supplements just like these.

Dr.Dünner's highly skilled Pharmacists and PhytoChemists have been harnessing the healing properties of plants from the Swiss Alps since 1948 so they know what they're doing! Almost all of their flowers, herbs and other botanicals are sourced from the UNESCO Organic area of Entlebuch. Grown in the wild, or organically cultivated, the plants are harvested when they are at their most potent - and by hand too, to ensure the highest purity and quality. They are then combined in unique recipes to create amazing blends to support us as we go about our daily lives. 

The Nastsurtium, Rosehip and Elderflower capsules are a mix of summer fruits and flowers (with extra Vitamin C) and are perfect for giving  your immune system a bit of a boost. They can be taken every day and are brilliant for this time of year, when there are lots of germs doing the rounds. Although I don't tend to catch colds very often, I have definitely felt an increase in my alertness and energy levels generally since taking these, which I have put down to adding these vitamins to my daily routine. Plus, of course, there have been no lurgies to report!

These capsules (and others from the range) are available both in store and online at Holland & Barrett and are priced at £25.99 for a two month supply of 60 capsules.

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