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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Money Saving Ideas for Family Holidays

There's no denying that when you've got a family, money is tight! With all the general cost of living at an all time high, and then the cost of after school clubs and hobbies to keep kids entertained - and lets not forget all those SNACKS, travel is a luxury that many can't afford.

ABTA, a travel industry data company, released its annual Holiday Trends report recently. The report told us a lot about how Britons are spending their travel money, but one of the most exciting findings was that there are a substantial number of people who can’t afford to travel at all, even though they’re in work. Data suggest that one in five people don't have the funds to take a holiday, according to and that many other people are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their vacations. 

Despite their popularity during the 1970s and 1980s, package holidays have made a big come back in recent years. Fewer people can afford to go off the beaten track and make their own holiday plans: often the only way to get away is to do everything in a big bundle that’s economical for the tour providers - and not necessarily what holidaymakers would choose if not constrained by budget.

Twenty per cent of people can’t afford to travel. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to get the cost of travel down and take back your standard of living.

Do A House Swap 
The most expensive part of taking a vacation is usually renting out the accommodation. Property owners make a fortune in rents during the peak holiday season, often charging vacationers many times the price that you would expect to pay for similar accommodation year round. Costs in popular resorts close to amenities can go crazy high.

The good news is that there is a way around this, especially if you know someone who owns a property in a desirable holiday location. In a house swap, you can give them your house, and you get theirs in return. If you live in a big city, like London, and they live somewhere exotic, like the French Alps, you may think that they’ve got the raw end of the deal. But, remember, many people like taking city breaks and would like to visit London, were the price of hotels not so high. Do what you can to sell a house swap and see what you can get in exchange for your property.

Use Vouchers 
Sites like are a savvy holidaymakers’ paradise. These sites help you find great deals on all kinds of holidays, saving money on everything from travel to accommodation to tours of your destination.

When it comes to vouchers, you have to be open-minded. You won’t always get money off exactly what you want, but if you can be flexible, you can often make huge savings. Sure, you might have to get a plane at a strange time of day or stay in accommodation several miles outside of the resort of your choice, but those compromises are usually worth the tremendous savings.

Stop Using Hotels 
While hotels are a nice place to stay, they’re not the only place that offers accommodation. Airbnb, for instance, allows you to stay in people’s homes at a fraction of the cost of hotel rooms or even holiday cottages. If you’re a solo traveller, you can often find rooms in some far-flung locations for less than £20 per night, especially in “Outer Britain.”

Start Hosteling 
Granted, hostels might not be ideal for a family holiday, but if you’re going solo, they offer fantastic value for money. It’s often possible to stay in a hostel for under £10 per night, as long as you don’t mind sharing a dormitory with other people.

If you’re going with friends, some hostels offer private dormitories for six people or less. These dormitories come with shower facilities and access to a shared kitchen, allowing you to make your breakfast in the morning.


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