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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Tips For Keeping The Whole Family Healthy

There’s no such thing as the perfect parent. We all do the job differently, and our beliefs and hopes for our children's futures guide our choices and actions. This can cause many disagreements between parents, but the one thing that we are all sure of is that we want our children to live happy, healthy lives. With that in mind, here are some essential tips to help your entire family become healthier.

1. Clear Out The Cupboards 
A balanced diet means exactly that. Instead of swearing off ice cream and chocolate to eat only fruits and vegetables, I'm a firm believer in a little of what you fancy does you good so you should get a good mix of both. However, if there are more unhealthy options in your cupboards than healthy ones, the treats are going to be tempting! This is especially true with your children, who may be too impatient to rummage for something nutritious or wait for you to knock something healthy up for them. For this reason, you should clear most of the junk food out of your home.

2. Prepare The Food Together 
When it comes to preparing meals, invite your little ones to help. This may make the process a little longer and result in a bit more mess, but the benefits are worth it. As well as teaching your children how to prepare their own nutritious food, asking them to help you provides an opportunity for you to promote healthy eating habits and explain the importance of eating certain foods. They’re also more likely to eat their meals if they’ve cooked them themselves.

3. Stop Cleaning The Plates 
No parent likes to see their child waste food, especially after they’ve just spent quite some time preparing it for them. Teach them to listen to their tummy and describe to them how they are supposed to feel when they’re full.

4. Exercise As A Family 
Children tend to mimic the actions of their parents. If they see you lounging in front of the television all day, they’ll be more inclined to do the same. To help your child become more active, you should plan workouts that you can do as a family. Bike or scooter rides, hikes, swimming, football games etc give you quality time with your little ones and let you show them how much fun exercise can be!

5. Eat Evening Meals Together 
Breakfast can pass by in quite a rush, and, if your children have school, you probably won’t eat lunch together throughout the week. This is why it’s important that you ensure you spend your evening meals together. This is the perfect time to show what a healthy meal looks like. It also allows you to chat to each another, particularly about things that have happened throughout the day and may encourage your children to be open about anything that is causing them stress.

6. Deal With Your Stress 
As important as it is to help your little one’s combat their stress, it’s even more so that you deal with your own. If you’re unhappy, your kids will notice, which will upset them too. There are many ways to reduce your stress, from exercising to having a massage. As you can read in this sports massage benefits article, you might benefit from sports massages if you happen to have an injury. If your stress starts to get out of control, you can also seek professional help.

7. Develop Healthy Sleep Habits 
No one can function properly on poor sleep, especially young children. This is why it’s so important that you develop healthy sleep habits for them. Get them into a regular nighttime routine that might involve a bath, a story, a drink, and other activities, and set them a specific bedtime. Ideally, your little ones should be getting at least ten hours of sleep every single night. It’s just as important that you get your sleep, so be sure you do the same for yourself too.

8. Give The Children Chores 
Having to work, look after your children, and tackle all of the chores alone is a big responsibility. To lighten your workload, you should create a chore chart, assigning chores to every other member of your household, including your children. Even the youngest can tidy their own toys away. This teaches your little ones some responsibility and means that you have less to worry about.

9. Make Time For Fun 
Although it’s good to encourage your children with their schoolwork and extracurricular activities, you should avoid putting too much pressure on them. This can create anxiety and tension, which will make these activities less enjoyable. It’s just as important that you push your little ones to have fun, for no other purpose than their enjoyment. Make sure that you play games together and take day trips as a family. You should also give them time to play with their friends.

10. Create No Phone Zones 
Technology has made the world better in so many ways, but there’s no denying the negative effects it can have when we spend too much time in front of a screen. For this reason, you should create a plan that outlines spaces and times when phones, tablets, televisions, and other screens are off limits. These might include during homework time and at the dinner table. The light from this tech can disrupt your sleep, so you may want to ban them from bedrooms too.

Creating a healthier family isn’t as difficult as most people think. Hopefully, the tips above can make your job a little easier.


Travelling to Unusual Places

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

Travelling is, by far, one of the most popular activities in the world - and for good reason! There's nothing quite like being able to get away from all the stresses and pressures of the modern world and enjoy yourself for a while. Getting away from all of the stress of work, family, and friends, and just spending some time reconnecting with the things you really enjoy in life is a fantastic thing that many of us are privileged to get to experience. However, that doesn't mean that travelling is always the most fun or enjoyable thing in the world. There are plenty of occasions where are a lot of people find themselves coming up against problems like being crowded by other tourists, or places they love becoming commercialised in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. Often the reason that these things happen is actually quite simple: you're going to all of the obvious places. After all, if you're always going to the most popular travel destinations then it's hardly going to be a surprise that they've because tourist havens. However, you don't need to let that ruin your travel experience. Here are just a few reasons why it might well be better to visit some lesser-known travel destinations.

It's often cheaper 
The first and most obvious point is that there are plenty of places that are absolutely beautiful and full of amazing things to do, but because they haven't achieved the same level of mainstream popularity as other destinations, they're a whole lot cheaper. This includes everything from flights to accommodation to the food that you eat while you're there. A lot of places that are very popular with tourists now know that they can basically charge whatever they want but smaller places that don't rely quite as heavily on tourism are often a lot more affordable. Plus, you're probably not going to see nearly as many big chains so your money is likely going directly into the hands of small business owners.

There are fewer tourists 
If you've ever taken a trip to a famous capital city like New York, London, or Barcelona, you will understand just how stressful it can be to try and navigate any place that is filled with tourists. You end up queuing for everything all the time, cramped in with other people, many of whom seem to have forgotten basic manners, and it ends up making what should be an amazing trip into a non-stop cavalcade of stress and frustration. Being around lots of other people often ends up making a trip feel more stressful than the stuff you took the trip to get away from in the first place! Going to somewhere a little less well-known means that you're going to find it far easier to get away from the rush and crowds so that you can actually enjoy your trip.

The joy of surprise 
One of the pleasant things about going somewhere really popular is that you pretty much always know what you're going to get. If it's somewhere you've seen in the media all the time then you know what it looks like and if it's really popular then it's going to have a lot of familiar things that you can latch onto. However, when you go somewhere a little more unknown you get the thrill of being surprised by things that you see. You have to enjoy the local cuisine, even if you've never tried it before. You get to experience the architecture and the landscape, all of which might be completely new to you.

You might find a reason to stay 
One of the amazing things about going somewhere you previously knew nothing about is that it really can take you completely by surprise to the point that you fall in love with it. This might mean that you want to keep coming back year after year, or it might mean that you never want to leave at all. If you head to somewhere like Singapore and you fall in love with it the latest hdb bto launches mean that finding a home there is far cheaper than if you wanted to relocate to somewhere more famous. Sure, this is a big change and not one that should be taken lightly, but it's a whole lot more common than you might think.

Whether you're taking a longer trip or you're just heading for a short holiday, it's so important to ensure you're doing something that's going to make you happy. But if you find yourself becoming frustrated with any trips that you're taking then it might be worth considering whether trying somewhere a little less well known might be a solution to that problem.


Friday, 3 May 2019

Are You Tired Of Breaking Your Back In The Garden?

Most of us absolutely love being able to take the best possible care of our homes. After all, there's nothing quite like being able to walk through your home and see just how much all of your hard work has paid off. However, there are plenty of people for whom there is one frustrating black mark on that: their garden. Everyone would love a beautiful garden but the problem is that it often feels like the hard work in a garden never stops. But that's not necessarily the way things have to be! Here are some things that you can do to make your garden beautiful without breaking your back every day.

Keep things simple 
One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make when it comes to their garden is that they often end up letting their ambitions get away with them. Sure, the idea of a garden with a beautiful lawn, a flower bed, and a load of space to grow your own vegetables is a wonderful one, but the truth is that doing that can be seriously exhausting. Instead, why not just pick something simple for your garden. If you want a space for you and the kids to place, then a lawn is great. If you just want something wonderful to look at then turn it into a wildflower garden instead. Super passionate about growing your own veg? Concentrate on that. On their own, none of these things take huge amounts of effort and can really improve your home.

Take some shortcuts 
One of the problems with gardening is that it can often be some pretty backbreaking work. Whether that's not something that you're physically able to do or you simply don't have the time or energy to deal with it outside of the other things in your life, there are plenty of shortcuts that you can take that will make your life easier. Services like LazyLawn allow you to lay down artificial grass that feels just like the real thing without having to worry about mowing it all the time. Or if you're trying to plant things around the garden then don't bother putting them in neat and straight lines, just throw them out into the soil and see what happens. Not only is that going to be a great way to save yourself a whole lot of time and effort but it can also give your garden a beautifully wild look as well.

If you really want to make sure that your home is the best possible place and that you're as happy and comfortable as you can be, then the best thing to do is often the simplest. Decide what is most important to you and adjust your routine so that you're able to fit working on your garden in alongside the time you would spend on the interiors of your home. If you're doing something you love, you're able to make it a part of your routine and you're looking forward to seeing the end result it's going to feel like a whole lot less effort.


Unique Wedding Ideas

From the moment an engagement happens, you will be suddenly thrust into a whole world of fabrics, table decorations and cakes for your big day. Planning the perfect wedding is something which is unique to the couple celebrating it, and it can be something with is really fun to do when you think outside the box. If you aren’t looking for a traditional church or stately home affair, here are some of the more unique ways you can spend your big day.

An outdoor concert 
It is always a given that a good wedding needs to have some great tunes for everyone to sing along to throughout the day. If you want to make the most of this part of your wedding and you have the ability to hire a large field for a few hours: you could hire some bands such as Hipster and other wedding focussed artists to come and give you all a concert on a sunny afternoon. Get the beer coolers out and strike up a barbecue and enjoy amazing music for the afternoon!

At the zoo 
Believe it or not, you can get married at the zoo. There are many zoos such as Chester Zoo who offer wedding packages on the grounds where you will be able to gain after hours access to the zoo, as well as freshly grilled food and an amazing display of fireworks. If you are an animal lover, there is nothing that could be better than spending your big day surrounded by some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.

On the beach 
One of the things which we can do to make the most of a summer wedding is choose to have it on the beach. There are so many places where you can enjoy a beach wedding and it can be a relaxed way to spend your big day if you aren’t all about the fuss and glamour of it all. Spend the afternoon swimming in the sea and eating a meal alfresco and it will be one of the most amazing things you ever do.

Camping trip 
Camping trips are always amazing and they are great for those of us who love a bit of adventure in our lives. When it comes to a wedding day which is out of the ordinary, there is nothing stopping you from taking a camping trip to a national park and using the grounds to say your vows. Once you are done you can sit around the campfire and enjoy a drink or two, and some s’mores.

At home 
If you don’t have a lot of money to throw a huge party for your wedding, or a family member has a sizeable home with a big garden: you might consider throwing your reception at home. This can actually be a great decision for you because you will be able to control all of your food and music, and you can drink as much as you like in the knowledge that you can head to your own bed at the end of the night!

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