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Friday, 16 August 2019

INTERIORS // Clay Shell Style

Most interior design enthusiasts will already know what the current popular contemporary style is all about.... Plenty of neutrals around the house, a drenching of sheer white and lots of natural metals and glass. Another variation of this style is called the clay shell. As you can probably imagine, it's a more beach or stone oriented design for the decor where your whites are mixed with sand, rose gold and a subtle earth tone. You’re never too far away from being at the beach but also never too far away from being in an opulent villa home in the Meditteranean. It's a style that is classy, contemporary and above all else chic. Here are some suggestions for adding a shell clay interior to your home decor.


Soft stone tiling 
This may be out there for most people, but a living room in the clay shell style will be made out of soft stone. Soft sandstone tiles in a faux marble white or a pearl silver are fantastic choices. They allow the floor to be completely flat but because they are soft stone tiles, they don’t have sharp edges. The tiles should also be large so there aren’t that many gaps that you have to feel with your bare feet. These kinds of tiles are also easy to clean and they don’t stain easily. Cement tiles are also something you may want to consider as they are cheaper but look almost as good. Rather than polished, go with the matte finish on all the tiles so it's stays in that classic clay shell dullness.

A chevron of style 
The living and lounge rooms are the best rooms to demonstrate clay shell interiors. They're the most creative points of the home so you really can make some interesting choices in your decor decisions. For example look at these stylish drinks cabinets and sideboards, particularly the Cheron sideboard. Made by hand, this artisan craftsmanship has a natural feel, with a bleached mango wood and stylish chevron pattern. It also has a lot of storage space and can be used to stash albums, books, laptops, and iPads; sideboards are a great way to get rid of clutter and perfect that minimalist look.

A soft vase 
If you’re going to have a clay shell interior, you may as well have clay shell vase that symbolizes the entire theme. A handcrafted clay shell vase would be great as an ornament piece.

Not many people have heard of the clay shell style by name, but they have definitely seen it around. It's more subtle and softer than the postmodern contemporary of styles today.


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