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Monday, 9 September 2019

HOME // five ways to warm up your home this winter without spending a fortune

The modern trend for clean and uncluttered design has made a lot of homes feel more contemporary but it has also left them feeling a little cold. This is particularly true in open-plan spaces where there is so much space to fill. It’s nowhere near as difficult or as complicated as you might think, however, to transform those spaces and make them feel warm and cosy this winter. So, here are 5 easy and affordable decorative tips for warming up your home this year.

Rugs - It’s common in more modern spaces for hard-surfaces such a vinyl flooring and laminate flooring to take precedence over traditional carpets. While these floors are easier to clean and can lend a contemporary flair to your home, they can also be a little cold underfoot and lack the warmth and comfort of carpeting. A good shaggy or sheepskin rug could act as a perfect middle ground, softening the edges and giving the room an extra dimension.

Curtains - In the summer months, it might seem tempting to swap out those long billowy curtains for thinner blinds but once the summer gives way to winter, you’re going to be longing for those soft and cushiony curtains.

Lighting - Soft lighting has been proven to make a space feel warmer and more ‘lived in’ so if your lighting is a little harsh, consider installing a dimmer switch or perhaps even going a step further with smart lighting that allows you to set lighting levels based on the weather and time of year or day. 

Colour - Changing the colour of a room can not only affect the aesthetics but could also warm up a room if you go for more earthy colours (reds and browns) over ‘cleaner’ colours like blue and beige. White and grey might make your space look bigger and more like a show home but in the winter when you’re spending hours curled up in front of the TV, you don’t want bigger and posher, you want warmer and safer.

Furniture - Swapping out your furniture is perhaps the most obvious way to change up your living space without causing a major disruption. Add a layer of homely sophistication by changing up the pieces of furniture that can easily be replaced. Move the glass and metal coffee table into the conservatory and put a nice, upcycled wooden table in its place or put some woven baskets in the corners of the room to store firewood. Natural textures will do wonders when it comes to bringing warmth to your living space.


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