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Thursday, 24 October 2019

HOME // How To Accommodate Your Growing Family & Their Things

Unless you want to move house or can afford to start looking into house extensions, as your family grows either in number or simply the people in your family just grow taller and wider, everything you own will only get bigger too. For example, the clothes get bigger; the shoes get bigger, the bikes get bigger, not to mention the number of things you have in your house. Every Christmas and birthday, more toys and electrical items appear musical instruments take up space in your hallway; sports equipment fills up your garage and eventually, you just run out of space. So, what can you do to tackle this problem as and when it happens and keep on top of the growing family and growing belongings?

Clever Storage 
When your kids are small enough, bunk beds are ideal for saving space and usually have room under the bed for storage. Take a look at what changes you can make in your bathroom. Open shelving and baskets under the sink and behind the door can be a real lifesaver and the perfect place to keep small electrical beauty appliances. Also use a shoe organiser for a space saver that holds makeup, combs and brushes, jewellery and even accessories such as scarves and belts.

Maximise space in the living room and any other shared areas with multifunctional furniture such as ottomans that you can keep video game accessories in and coffee tables that have drawers and open shelving below.

Throw Things Out 
As your kids outgrow their clothes, shoes, toys, and bedroom d├ęcor, - get rid there and then. Either box these items up to use as hand-me-downs, donate to charity or sell at garage sales. Don't hoard things, if you keep on top of throwing things out as and when you realise you don't need them anymore, then it means you won't have to spend loads of time doing it in one go. Make smart use of space by using furniture such as a bench or sitting area in the entrance or hallway to your house, you create a place for people to their remove shoes and place kids' school bags. If you haven't got the room for this, then make sure you have hooks on the walls or open shelving to put things on and make good use of your walls and higher space.

Make sure that your kids use their rooms for more than just sleeping. Their rooms need to be where their toys are kept, where they can play, and where they can study. You can maximise space by hanging notice boards or whiteboards which they can use to organise themselves while keeping desks and surrounding areas free of clutter.

If you have the luxury of a basement or an attic, then look into turning either of those into recreational rooms or extra bedrooms rather than risking the rest of the house becoming a mess. This way, you create even more room and a place where older kids can hang out with their friends without disturbing you.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

STYLE // Sixteen Tips To Stay Stylish As A New Mum

If you love style and fashion, you might be wondering how you can maintain your sense of style when you’re a new parent. There will definitely be days when you feel like you barely have time to shower, never mind put together a stylish outfit. Your style might change a bit as a mother, but you can still keep up with fashion and enjoy your clothes with a few simple wardrobe changes.

1. Give yourself a break. 
Your old clothes might not fit you immediately after you have your baby, and some items might not work with your new lifestyle as a parent. This is okay and completely normal. Look at it as an excuse to try out some new styles instead of worrying about not getting use out of your old wardrobe and needing to to fit into your old jeans.

2. Make some practical changes. 
Say goodbye to anything too delicate or that needs to be dry-cleaned. With a baby in tow, you’ll get on much better if you mostly wear sturdy, hard-wearing and easy to clean fabrics. Think about things like adjustments you might need. For example, if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need some tops that will allow this easily.

3. Create a Mum uniform.
If you’re trying to put together an outfit in the morning, it can be time consuming when your mind is taken up with other things. To save time when you’re getting dressed, create a simple uniform that can be adjusted for different occasions. A pair of skinny jeans and a flattering t-shirt are a good base to start from. Wear this outfit with trainers for the nursery run, or add a blazer and heels for lunch with your friends. This saves a lot of time on rushed mornings when you’re trying to put an outfit together in the few minutes you have while the baby is napping.

4. Invest in good nursing bras. 
You can’t feel good in a badly fitting bra, so invest in some comfortable bras for while you’re breastfeeding. Better underwear gives a better line under your clothes, and helps your clothes to sit better.

5. Embrace pattern and stripes. 
Pattern can hide many things, from creases if you haven’t had time to iron to stains from the baby dropping their dinner on you. Pattern can also create an optical illusion that can help to disguise a few extra pounds. Stripes are stylish too, and will help you to look more put together than a plain outfit would look.

6. Don’t discount tracksuit bottoms. 
Thanks to athleisure, tracksuit bottoms and other comfy bottoms are on trend. There are lots of fashionable styles that are comfortable without sacrificing the look. You can be chic, but still as comfy as you would be in your pyjamas.

7. Accessorise. 
Even very simple outfits can be elevated and made to look much more interesting with some accessories. Scarves work well, as they’re hard for baby to ruin by grabbing, unlike necklaces. Scarves are also useful for hiding baby related stains. Stud earrings are pretty and grab-proof too. 

8. Buy a stylish pushchair. 
You’re going to be pushing it around a lot, so it might as well look good. Brands like Ickle Bubba create a range of pushchairs and prams that look smart and fashionable for the modern mum.

9. Create a capsule wardrobe. 
Buy a few pieces that you can mix and match together easily. Like your Mum uniform, this makes it easier to get dressed in the mornings. A capsule wardrobe should all work together, so you can just reach in and grab anything and have it work well together. Choose a colour palette so everything goes together without much work. You can create variety by mixing up your accessories.

10. Have fun. 
Fashion should be an enjoyable experience. Even if you’re wearing simple cuts or using a capsule wardrobe, you can have fun playing around with different colours, textures and patterns to add some interest to your outfits and make things more trendy.

11. Work out what makes you feel the most human. 
Some people don’t feel like themselves without their favourite earrings on or if they’re not wearing mascara. Work out what helps you to feel like you and incorporate it into your outfits. It could be making sure you have to time to style your hair or put on a little make-up. It could be getting dressed instead of wearing comfy clothes all day. Find out what gives you a feeling of being you instead of just Mum.

12. Buy clothes that fit you properly. 
If your dress size has changed since having a baby, it’s easy to end up with a wardrobe that is combined of things that are slightly too small from before you were pregnant, leftover maternity clothes and pieces that are a little too big from just after the baby was born. The too small clothes will make you feel bad, so either clear them out or at least put them away somewhere else so you don’t have to work around them when you’re trying to get dressed. Treat yourself to clothes that fit well, and they will look much better, making you feel better too.

13. Look out for comfortable trends. 
Everybody likes to be comfortable, so there’s a few trends in year that focus on comfort. Athleisure, Ugg boots and messy buns are all great examples of this. Keep an eye out for trends like this, so you can feel like you’re keeping up with current styles but are still staying comfortable and practical for your mum life.

14. Find a style icon. 
Whose style do you love? It could be a friend who always dresses well, or a celebrity you often see in the style columns. This can be a great way to find outfit ideas and some style inspiration. Whether you love the outfits worn by Kate Middelton or Nicole Kidman, keep an eye out for them in the press to get fresh ideas that you could use.

15. Start with the shoes. 
As a Mum, you’re going to be running around after a small child for a lot of the day. Practical shoes that are comfortable and properly support the foot will make your parenting time a lot easier and more practical. However, just because they’re practical shoes doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. Sneakers are always in style, or you could invest in some chic loafers or other flat options that are stylish as well as supportive.

16. Maintain your skincare routine. 
If your skin looks good, you’ll automatically look a lot better. Even when you are busy with the baby, try to keep up your skincare routine. Cleanse your face probably every night, and don’t forget to moisturise. Drinking plenty of water is the easiest way to keep your skin hydrated and looking at its best.

The most important thing to remember is to not get too caught up in worrying about whether you manage to be stylish every day. Being a new mum is tiring, and there will be some days when you don’t have time to get your mascara on and change out of your pyjamas. Simple things like nice shoes or a pretty hair clip can make a big difference to help you feel like you. As you get used to motherhood, you can change up your style a little to bring in more fashionable pieces once you get the hang of how you want to dress as a parent that strikes the right balance between practical and stylish.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

The Essentials For A Relaxing Holiday

Life can be hard sometimes. Most of us are running around juggling jobs, cleaning and looking after our homes, and taking care of our families. You might even be trying to fit in getting enough exercise, eating right, and even having a little bit of a social life. Many of us are stressed out, exhausted, and struggling. When we go on holiday, we often spend time trying to explore as much as we can while keeping our families safe and provided for. Many of us are guilty of checking work emails while we are away and continually updating our social media feeds.

We all deserve a relaxing break, a chance to recharge our batteries and get away from the stresses of everyday life. But, unfortunately, not that many of us get it. Instead, we come home feeling more stressed than we did when we went. We need a holiday to recover from our break. But, we don’t get it. Instead, we get straight back to work.

When you do get a holiday, it’s important that you make the most of it. Sure, sometimes, you want to see as much of a new location as you can. But this isn’t always what you need. Sometimes, you need to grab a bag, chuck in your sunglasses and maxi dresses, and take that relaxing break that you so desperately need and deserve. Here’s everything that you need to get it.

Peace and Quiet 
When it comes to a relaxing break, one of the most important things is your choice of location. A busy hotel of a bustling stretch filled with nightclubs and late-night bars isn’t going to be the right setting for a peaceful break. Instead, you might want to consider an Air BnB or a villa somewhere a little more secluded, where you’ve got your own space to rest, and the perfect place to give yourself some TLC.

Many of us find doing nothing quite tricky. When we’ve got nothing to occupy our minds, we worry, we think about our problems, and we get trapped in our own heads. It’s not very relaxing. So, make sure you pack some books to give you a chance to escape from your problems.

Some Time Off Your Phone 
You can tell yourself that you are going to have a digital detox, but this might not be realistic, and trying to force yourself to stay offline can cause you further stress. Instead, try to limit your use. Try leaving your phone behind when you go out, but allow yourself a little time each day to check your emails and notifications if it makes you feel better.

One of the best ways to relax and unwind on your break is getting plenty of rest. Get some early nights, let yourself lay in, and try to get as much sleep as you can to give yourself a chance to recharge. Sleep is the best way to do it.

Good Food 
For many of us, one of the great joys of traveling is enjoying local foods. But, try to do it healthily. Don’t introduce too many intense flavours too quickly, and limit your sugar and fat intake.


Friday, 4 October 2019

Help Your Child 'Get It' In 3 Simple Steps

Sometimes we can feel helpless when we see our children come home from school with a desperate or sad look on their face. We may probe and ask questions only to hear a grunt in response. If your child is struggling at school, they often don’t want to talk about their difficulties. They may be embarrassed or they just don’t want to involve their parents. However, there are things that you can try to reassure them, and help them ‘get it’. There’s nothing worse than feeling left out or thinking that you can’t do something. Just because your little one might need some extra help, doesn’t mean they cannot reach their full potential.

You could hire a tutor for your child to help give them a little extra boost. Some kids take well to tutors whereas others cannot stand the fact that they need extra help in their free time to get them up to standard. Find a tutor that your child gets along with. Don't go for the straightlaced, super formal human being and opt for someone with a sense of humour, a chatty tone and a kind demeanour. A good tutor won’t just enhance your offspring’s academic knowledge but they will also boost their self esteem and make them feel more confident when tackling problems. It’s ok to make mistakes as you learn from them. A good tutor will ensure that you child knows this. They’ll also help your little darling to apply what they have learned to unfamiliar and new situations.

Internet Time 
It may sound like a misnomer, but getting online can help your kids improve in a subject. Companies like Cazoom Maths produce worksheets to help your child tackle a topic that they are struggling with. Complete with answers, you can work through the problems and mark them together. Make sure that you engage your little one with their extra learning otherwise it may feel like a punishment. There are also educational games that are free to play online or you can download apps to their tablet. Make a deal where they can play their educational games for ten minutes and then get a reward of ten minutes free tablet time to do whatever they please.

Listen And Be There 
If your child is falling behind at school or they simply don’t understand a certain subject, just be there. Be open and listen to their problems and let them know that you don’t think any less of them because of this. Just because your darling might not be academically gifted, doesn’t mean that they don’t have other talents. Children need to be celebrated for their gifts whether this is playing a musical instrument, running fast, designing recipes, drawing or making things. Be your child’s biggest advocate and make them feel confident with other aspects of their learning. Use the example of Richard Branson who left school failing all of his exams.

Your child will be successful with your support. Help them if they are struggling but ensure that they remain confident and happy first and foremost.
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