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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Spoiling The Mum-To-Be In Your Life

With a new baby on the way, life can feel overwhelming for a mum-to-be. It’s a lot of work being pregnant, which is why a bit of spoiling can be good to lift her spirits and ease what can be a stressful time.

If there’s a mum-to-be in your life who could do with some TLC, why not plan something special for her? Here are some simple suggestions for ways you can spoil your mum-to-be and make her feel great.

Book a spa day 
All expectant mothers need to relax - stress isn’t good for the baby! So what better way to help her relax than a spa day? A spa day can be the perfect way for you to catch up with your friend before her life gets a little bit busier, and it will help her enjoy doing something for herself before the baby comes. Make sure you check which spa treatments are best for pregnant women before you book so that you know your friend is going to have the best time.

Go see a show 
A night on the town might be out of the question for your mum-to-be, but a night at the theatre doesn’t have to be! Going to see a play or musical can be a wonderful way to have fun together, as well as being a great excuse to get dressed up and glam for the evening. Take a look at what’s on at your local theatre and get ready for a night you will both enjoy. If you really want to make a night of it, you could book an overnight stay too!

Throw her a baby shower 
Baby showers are becoming more common in the UK. It’s a good way for mums-to-be to catch up with friends and family before they have the baby, as well as a fun way to begin welcoming the baby into your lives. There are all kinds of baby shower ideas to help you plan the best afternoon for your mum-to-be. From games to decorations, get some ideas together to throw a memorable baby shower that shows her just how loved she is by those she’s close to.

Take her for afternoon tea 
You can’t beat afternoon tea for relaxing and catching up with friends. Sandwiches and cake make the perfect lunch, and you’ll find afternoon tea deals in some amazing settings. Don’t forget you can also bring afternoon tea to your home, thanks to afternoon tea boxes that make it even easier to host in your own home. Get baking or head to your nearest patisserie to pick up some tasty treats for you and your mum-to-be.

Pregnancy can be tough on mums, which is why a nice treat is always appreciated. There are so many great ways you can spoil a mum-to-be and make her feel special, so why not get some plans in place to help make her pregnancy a fun and enjoyable time!

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