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Friday, 8 November 2019

Why Caravanning Is So Popular With Families

Even in a time when boutique hotels and Airbnb have revolutionised the accommodation options available to travelling families, caravanning is still incredibly popular. There is just something about caravanning that has an enduring appeal - and in this post, I'm looking at exactly why this is the case…

Improved road trips 
Road trips are an eternally popular holiday choice for families, but with a caravan, the classic road trip becomes even better - and definitely far more convenient. You won’t have to worry about planning your route to align with towns or cities that can provide hotels; you’ll never have to worry about finding a bathroom en route as you’ll always have one with you; and if the driver wants to take a nap, then they can stretch out and do so. Caravans make road tripping an absolute joy from start to finish.

Frequent holidays are more accessible 
If your family wants to enjoy regular weekends away throughout the year, then travel costs and the cost of staying in hotels quickly add up. Investing in a caravan, however, is a great cost-effective solution, especially if you choose a second hand caravan to save you money. When you have bought your caravan, accommodation costs are no longer an issue, so you should find that your travel budget will stretch to far more individual holidays per year!

Endless different holiday experiences 
There are campsites spread across the length and breadth of the UK (and Europe, if you wish to travel further afield), which means there unlimited holiday options: there are campsites that offer high-end facilities, those that focus on providing kid-friendly amenities, some which place you close to a favoured seaside resorts and others that are located in tranquil, isolated forests. So, while “caravanning” is often used as a catch-all term, the sheer variety of different experiences a caravan can offer is immense, so no two holidays will ever be alike.

Spontaneity is far simpler 
Caravans lend themselves to spontaneous holidays incredibly well; a quick visit to a supermarket to restock supplies, locate a destination campsite, and then you’ve got almost everything you need - meals, transportation, a place to sleep - ready to go. In contrast, conventional holidays tend to require a huge amount of planning, as you try to bring together each part of the puzzle - where to stay, how to get to your chosen destination etc into one cohesive trip, which means that spontaneity will always be difficult. If you like the idea of being able to head off an adventure on the spur of the moment, then caravanning should suit your family very well indeed.

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