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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Design ideas to help keep your kids safe in the kitchen

Learning to cook and work with food from an early age is a great skill to have and can really benefit your children throughout their life. However, when your children get to the age where they become interested in what goes on in the kitchen and are tall enough to reach onto surfaces, there are some major safety concerns for parents.

There are, however, some simple design changes you can make in your kitchen to help protect your children and provide a safe environment for them to learn about food and cooking. Bespoke Interiors are an experienced interior design company, and they have agreed to share some advice on how to make your kitchen safer for your kids.

Where to store knives 
There are two main safety concerns for parents in every kitchen. The oven, which we’ll come to in a moment, and sharp knives. Making sure knives are kept away from children is essential, and whenever they’re being used with children in the kitchen, every parent should be extremely vigilant. When storing knives there are multiple options. One of the most popular is a locked or latched draw. Another option if you don’t have a large amount of draw space is to store knives on a high shelf away from where children can reach. You can add floating shelves to any wall space very easily or if you’re designing a new kitchen you can build them into your wall cabinet design. You should never leave knives, or sharp cutlery of any kind, where children can reach and take it without a parent seeing. 

How to deal with the oven 
From a design point of view, there is very little you can do with an oven to keep your child away from it. There are, however, some tips you can use so that when you’re cooking something in the oven or using the burners on top, that you keep your child as safe as possible. Using the back burners rather than the ones closest to you means most small children won’t be able to reach to the back where they could burn their hands on a hot surface.

Whenever opening the oven door, it’s vital to keep children away, so they’re not tempted to reach inside. For this reason, keeping your child’s highchair away from the oven or if they are playing in the kitchen, making sure it’s not close to the oven, is always a good idea. As young children get older and more adventurous, they’ll become more interested in the oven, and this is where making sure they know how dangerous it can be, is so important.

General cupboards 
Kitchens can have lots of cupboards all with items inside which could be dangerous for children. There is a wide variety of child locks which you can buy, but after time they can lose their effectiveness or kids can figure out how they work. A solution which is becoming more popular is fitting a magnetic closing system. Some magnets are strong enough that only adults can pull them apart. For a cupboard which may be storing cleaning products, which can be extremely toxic if consumed by humans, this is an excellent way of making sure your children don’t manage to get access to the inside.

The list of things you can do to make your kitchen as safe as possible is extremely long, and each family will have different needs as no two children are the same. What’s important is that your children understand that the kitchen can be a fun environment, but it can also be dangerous if they’re not careful. Ultimately, kitchen design with young children in mind is about minimising the risks because when you’re dealing with things like knives and ovens, its impossible to eliminate the risks altogether.

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