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Thursday, 16 April 2020

Taking Care of Your Car During Lockdown

We're currently in the middle of incredibly difficult and uncertain times. Staying at home as much as possible is so very important right now, but you if you need to use your car to get basic necessities it's also very important to be extra vigilant and take care of your car. 

Looking at your check lights
There are few important checks you need to look at for the safety and health of your vehicle. The most important thing you should monitor is whether all your lights are working properly. These lights obviously include your headlights, brake lights and indicators but also include those on your dashboard, such as your engine oil check light.

Monitor your tyre pressure and tread depth
Another essential check to make is the air pressure in your tyres. Under inflated tyres might cause your tyres to flatten on your journey, leaving you stranded on the road so it's important to ensure your tyres are well balanced before you set off. Another important note you should keep in mind is to monitor the tread depth of the tyres. These are used to keep your tyres protected from any kind of harmful material damaging their outer layer. Keep in mind that the tread depth of your tyres should be 1.6 mm according to vehicle laws in the UK. If you are looking to order tyres online you should visit DAT Tyres today! (01462894772).

Check your Wiper Blades 
Lastly you need to check your wiper blades as they keep your windscreen clear in time of unexpected rainfall which, let's face it, we have plenty of in the UK! Wiper blades need to be clean in order to do their job properly, and damaged blades can cause chips and scratches on your windscreen.

All these car care stay home checks will help you monitor the safety of the car before you use it for essential journeys.

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