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Well hello there, and welcome to my little corner of cyber space!

My name is Katy, I’m mum to eight year old Daisy and five year old Evie, slave to Mabel the cat, and looker-afterer of Cottontail and Christmas Pudding the rabbits and a flock of six, currently bald, ex-battery hens affectionately known as the Sixties Style Icons. Needless to say our house is pretty chaotic, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Established in September 2010, Modern Mummy is a personal blog where I like to talk about all the things I'm passionate about; my family, my home, style, good food and travel mostly, but occasionally something impresses, amuses or riles me and I like to share it with you too.

If you’re here for intellectual conversation or a political debate, you’re in the wrong place ~ but I do love a chat so comment away on anything that tickles your fancy and feel free to email me too. 

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A Bit About Me

♥ I love to eat out as a family and encourage my daughters to eat as many different cuisines as possible. Although I'm not the best cook in the world, I'm passionate about cooking from scratch and using locally sourced, seasonal and organic ingredients. Picnics are awesome, even in the winter.

♥ I regularly visit restaurants with the girls and am forever in search of amazing, authentic, family friendly eateries.

♥ I love fashion and adore putting outfits together. I'd describe my style as the 1940s meets the 1960s with a little bit of the 1970s thrown in for good measure and a hint of English Country Casuals. Intrigued? Check out my style Pinterest board here. Practicality, affordability and comfort does not equal frumpiness; and being in a rush is no reason to leave the house in pyjamas! Check out the #STYLEtheSCHOOLRUN hashtag over on Instagram for inspiration and tips on how to get ready in a hurry and still look glamorous! 

♥ I’m constantly taking photos and every one you see on this blog has been taken with my trusty iPhone. No fancy pants DSLRs here! Please note that all my photographs are copyright.

♥ I love to wander around charity shops, vintage clothes & record shops and antiques fairs ~ and I collect pottery, old glass bottles and vintage cat photos.

♥ As a family we love to travel, whether that's long haul, European city breaks or somewhere closer to home. We also enjoy a good music festival! It’s my ambition for us to explore the whole of the British Isles in a Campervan one day, and to write a book about it as we go.

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♥ When I'm not writing this blog.... or working.... or off gallivanting on a road trip with the kids, I like to read blogs. Lots of blogs! You can see a list of my favourites here.
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