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Juicing FAQ ♥

My name's Katy and I'm a green juice addict.

I juice every day. Sometimes twice a day. On occasion, three times a day. And if I'm on a fast I might juice even more.

I do it for lots of different reasons. For health & wellbeing, mostly. Some days it's difficult to have your five a day, sometimes you slightly overindulge and feel the need to detoxify your body. If I'm honest, I think they are bloody delicious, and knowing I'm filling my body with vitamins and minerals and nutrients and anti-oxidants is just an added bonus.

My juicing seems to have interested quite a few of you so, due to popular demand, I decided to put together this FAQ page to answer some of the questions I've been asked. There is also some further reading and a directory of recipes at the bottom of the page.

Happy juicing! xoxox

Do you really need a juicer, or will a blender work just as well?
Juicing and blending are two different things - and both are great for you, for different reasons. Juicing removes the indigestable fibre from fruit and veggies, which means the nutrients and vitamins are more easily absorbed. Juicing gives your digestive system a break too and saves your energy. Basically they are a super quick shot of amazing goodness, that goes straight to your bloodstream! Smoothies still contain the fibre - which is a very important part of your diet. They are also a lot more filling (so ideal at breakfast time) and much easier to make. However I prefer juices so if you can afford it, I would recommend having both!

Which juicer do you recommend?
I have a Dualit 88305 and I love it. It works like a dream, is easy to clean and looks super stylish on my work surface. They cost around £130 and I bought mine from John Lewis. They are available online here. However there are heaps of other, cheaper options available too. Phillips come very highly recommended by lots of friends of mine and start at around £50. My one piece of advice when choosing a juicer would be to get one that is easy to clean. If taking it apart and cleaning it is a faff, chances are you'll get bored of doing it and stop juicing altogether. Go to a department store where they have their products out on display and look at all your options close up.

How long can you store juices for before they go off?
Juices are best consumed straight away but it is possible to keep them fresh for up to 24 hours. I've been doing a bit of experimenting in this department and have found that adding lemon to your juice helps to preserve it. If you freeze it and let it defrost during the course of the day I think it tastes better too! I use Kilner jars to store my juices - fill them to the top and refridgerate/freeze. Give them a gentle shake when you're ready to drink them.

Juicing for breast feeders.... is it ok?
I would not recommend a juice fast whilst breast feeding but can't see any reason why you shouldn't include juices alongside a healthy, varied diet when you're nursing. There may be some fruits and vegetables not suitable though so I would recommend speaking to a professional on this.

What makes a great juice recipe and what is your favourite?
95% of my juices contain an apple (as a natural sweetener). Green juices are my favourite - I love anything with spinach in it! I love to experiment and have found cucumber makes a great base for refreshing juices. Herbs can also be added for extra flavour. Mint and basil are two of the best, in my opinion! It all depends on your taste buds really, and I've found that some veggies that I don't like to eat, I LOVE to juice. Take ginger for example.... I can't bear it with my sushi but I adore an inch of it to spice up my juices! I promise you that vegetable juices are a thousand times better than you'd expect too. 

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