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Friday, 22 October 2010

I ♥ Emma Bridgewater

Aside from my daughter (and the other half I suppose) it is no secret that there is another Great Love of my Life. Some people (in particular the other half) call it an addiction. My friends and family think I'm obsessed (although they don't complain come my birthday or Christmas, as I am an easy person to buy a present for). I personally just think I have an eye for pretty things. And whats wrong with that?
This 'other person' in my life is Emma Bridgewater. A creative and artistic genius. Maker of traditional Staffordshire earthenware, reviver of traditional sponge printing techniques. Quite simply, and as described on their website, Emma Bridgewater pottery is 'some of the nicest things in your kitchen'. Never before have I wanted material things so much, and never before have material things had such sentimental value to me. I just love it.
I first came across Emma Bridgewater pottery in 2005. I was visiting a friend in Devon and when I got there, after a tiring three hour early morning drive from London, I was handed a much needed steaming hot cup of tea in a beautifully chunky mug decorated with pink hearts. Half an hour later, my breakfast was served up in a polka dot egg cup on a plate adorned with blue stars, both made from the same wonderful, creamy, chunky pottery. It was love at first sight. I insisted my friend tell me everything she knew about Emma Bridgewater the company and Emma Bridgewater the person, spent the whole morning swooning over her collection and later that day, whilst shopping in Totnes, I bought my very first pieces.
My collection has grown somewhat since that fateful day. Whilst working in the West End I would often wander down to the Marylebone High Street shop on my lunch break and return to the office with a lovely blue paper carrier bag full of new purchases. I can't walk past a kitchen or homeware shop without stopping to see whether they have any discontinued goodies inside. I have amassed an assorted collection of different shapes and patterns and like nothing more than to mix and match all my place settings at dinner parties and when I have people round for lunch. I love the girliness of Pink Hearts and the smartness of Black Toast. Nothing beats a bit of Polka for cheering you up in the morning and the beautiful, bold and bright Union Jack pattern is enough to make anyone feel patriotic. I love the 1 pint mugs; they are a perfect size for lovely wintery mugs of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. And the oversized wine glasses (did I mention they do glassware too?) makes a bottle of pinot noir taste even better.
The thing I love most about Emma Bridgewater is that every single item that can be used, and admired, daily. I would never keep it locked away behind cupboard doors, too afraid to use it. People often comment on it and I love the fact that I am passionate and knowledgeable enough to tell them about it.
This weekend I intend to place an order for some Christmas Stars items. I have my eye on an absolutely divine turkey platter, a serving bowl or two and a gravy jug and saucer. Although shopping in one of Emma's beautiful stores and seeing the breathtaking floor to ceiling displays of all your favourite patterns is a wonderful experience (I am like a kid in a sweet shop when I visit them, the moment I open the door my eyes start to twinkle!), the excitement of waiting for the postman to deliver one of Emma Bridgewater's famous red boxes to your front door takes some beating too! (And having to smuggle it in without the other half seeing is pretty fun as well!) 
I cannot fault Emma Bridgewater one little bit. Their products are beautiful and well made, they are priced perfectly reasonably taking into account the time and care afforded to the production of each piece by hand, and as for the company's customer service; well the girls I have met and/or spoken to at the factory in Stoke and the stores across London are the most helpful and accommodating people I have ever come across.
If you are interested in Emma Bridgewater please click here to go to the website. Make sure you have plenty of time to look at all her wonderful pieces and read the story behind the company's creation. And don't forget to have your credit card handy; you won't be able to resist, I can assure you! All I can say is thank goodness Emma couldn't find a birthday present for her mother in 1985! Where would we all be if she'd just opted for buying her a piece of Cornish Blue?


  1. I have collected Emma's pottery since she first began. I originally bought ten of each (plates, bowls, side plates, tea plates) and could not decide on a pattern - so had one of each. I now have thousands of pieces - and try to make sure that I have at least one piece of each design.
    My family has now shrunk from seven to two and I am over-run with her beautiful pieces. We use it every day and slowly bits have cracked and broken - but I have so enjoyed it all! I have had a special 10ft dresser made to showcase her stuff but it has long been packed tightly and is now everywhere! My favourites are the farmyard and auricula patterns. I have joined your blog - visit me and take part in my giveaway and look back to my E.B. posts. x

    1. Thanks so much for commenting; it's lovely to hear from another collector! I'm the same as you and love to mix and match patterns! Very jealous that you collected from the start - there were so many beautiful patterns I missed out on which are way out of my budget now! Am off to look at your blog now - hoping to see a picture of your dresser! (sounds amazing!) x

  2. Someone else with the same passion/addiction for EB... I spend far too much time on the website :)


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