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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Losing the Baby Weight

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When l first found out I was pregnant I can remember finding a tool on a pregnancy website that could 'predict' my pregnancy weight gain. According to my height and my pre-pregnancy weight I could be expected to put on approximately 2 stone 2 pounds. "Jesus!" I can remember my skinny 9 stone something self thinking at the time. "My weight in stones is going to go into double figures!"
It sure did!
I didn't bother weighing myself regularly during my pregnancy. The midwives weren't interested in my weight and I was too busy enjoying myself eating for two. In fact it wasn't until the morning before I gave birth, at 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant, that I finally jumped on the scales. Expecting to be around two stone heavier as the weight predictor had suggested all those months ago, I was gobsmacked to discover I had gained no less than 4 stone 3 pounds (see the photo on my birth story entry for proof!) and a week after having Daisy I was only 1 stone down.
In hindsight I don't know why I was so shocked at my weight gain. Despite my good intentions of eating fruit and veg a-plenty whilst pregnant, my poor morning sickness inflicted body had other ideas, and for the first four months the only things I could stomach were white pasta, white bread or toast with butter, mashed potatoes and cheese. It didn't bode well really and once my sickness had died down I took the eating for two quite literally and must have at least doubled my daily calorie intake for the last two months of my pregnancy. "But darling if I'm craving a curry its because the baby NEEDS it!" was regularly heard by the other half and of course a curry didn't just mean a chicken madras and pilau rice - I had to have poppadoms, naan bread, aloo gobi, and a side order of chana masala too. The staff at my local Nepalese Restaurant became my best friends. You could literally see the dollar signs in their eyes when I waddled in.
Of course post baby I had to do something about my weight gain and so in January of this year I joined Weight Watchers. Some of my friends (mostly the male ones) found this hilarious. I think they had visions of Fat Fighters, with a Marjorie Dawes type figure hurling abuse at dieters and encouraging them to eat dust, which couldn't be further from the truth. I did really well to start with (I managed to lose 3 stone in 5 months which I think is fairly impressive!) then foolishly allowed myself the entire Summer off and as a result gained 10 pounds back.
The reason for this blog entry is because after jumping back on the wagon six weeks ago and after three weeks of staying the same, yesterday I  F I N A L L Y broke the four stone loss barrier and am incredibly happy to declare that I am  F I N A L L Y back to my pre-baby weight, two weeks before Daisy's first birthday. And    I T  F E E L S  G O O D!!    Yes I know I'm showing off; I'm not even going to attempt to deny that I'm feeling incredibly proud of myself right now. But it has been a long time coming I tell you!
I have 13lbs left to go now til I get to my ideal weight. (I have a pair of tweed city shorts from Whistles that I WILL fit into again!) And I am a woman on a mission!
Good luck to all the rest of you yummy mummies losing the baby weight. You will all get there I promise  ♥


  1. Well done on the weightloss honey!!!! Awesome stuff!
    I have got to below my pre-pregnancy weight, but only on account of how overweight I was when I got pregnant haha! :)

  2. It's great losing the weight, I felt the same when it happened!

    Now, why don't I fit in my pre-preg clothes... still?? My whole bone structure got enlarged!! eeek! hate it, hope it goes back to normal soon. ough.


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