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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Sleepless nights

I am writing this in a sleep deprived haze. Even the quadruple shot skinny cappuccino I downed en route to work has had no effect today. My little ratbag was not on form last night and decided to wake up for mummy cuddles twice; first of all at midnight and then again at 2.00am, the latter wake-up lasting no less than T H R E E   H O U R S. I couldn't blame hunger, or a dirty nappy, or teething. The little madam just wanted to play. And despite my despair at being awake at 4.30am, knowing I would have to get up for work a couple of hours later, I couldn't help but stay awake to watch her wriggling around in my bed trying to get comfortable and sighing and talking to herself whilst doing so.

Its days like this I wish I was a Stay At Home Mum so that I could catch a cheeky half hour nap alongside Daisy at lunchtime. I only work three days a week and I have to confess that every now and again I actually quite look forward to putting on a suit and going to the office for 8 hours of adult conversation. I also get a lunch break, yes a W H O L E   H O U R to myself, where I get to eat an entire sandwich without my daughter looking up at me like a starving puppy, and I have the opportunity to do all my errands in relative peace and quiet, without a newly walking eleven month old desperately trying to get out of her buggy and cause havoc. 

Today, however, is not one of those pleasant, productive days. I have spent most of my working day looking in the direction of my computer screen through half closed eyes. My lunch hour was spent stumbling around the town centre forgetting to buy the birthday cards I am supposed to post out today and queuing up at the bank for twenty minutes to pay a bill I left at home. I am sure the clock has stopped a few times this afternoon. I am desperate to get home, even more so knowing that the other half is out tonight and I can go to bed straight after Daisy without having to make conversation with anyone and then sleep in a star shape by myself in a king size bed. 

I have a day off tomorrow and I am fairly positive madam will sleep well tonight. It's children's intuition to give their parents night time wake up calls when they have things to do and people to see the following day, isn't it? Daisy has a busy one tomorrow though - baby gym in the morning followed by lunch round Granny's and then an afternoon's shopping with Mum. Perhaps I should wake her up a few times tonight and see how she likes it?

PS Thanks to the very talented Lisa Edwards at Sock Monkey Junkies for Daisy's sock monkey (pictured). If anyone is interested in purchasing one, please have a look at her Facebook page here 

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  1. Awww if only I had a job I'd be with you! Seriously, you give that little tinker a talking to. Little madam. Enjoy your starfish impression, I'll be doing that too as S is on nights this week xx


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