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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Belated Happy Hallowe'en!

So it's now November (or for some, Movember!--- I am trying to persuade the other half to partake; he hasn't shaved yet this month but so far is saying NO to working on his tache, miserable sod. I will keep nagging him and fingers crossed it will pay off - I think he'd look great with a fu manchu! Will keep you posted...) But anyway, I digress. YES! - it is now November/Movember! How did that happen? Hallowe'en has been and gone, the clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in. Its 52 days until Christmas and it has been a WHOLE WEEK since I last blogged as I have been (and still am) rather pre-occupied with a certain person's first birthday tomorrow!
  Me last year - three days before giving birth to Daisy

Hallowe'en in the Modern Mummy household is always a rather festive affair. I love Hallowe'en. (Actually I love anything that involves fancy dress and chocolate.) I was particularly excited about it this year as it was Daisy's first---- and this was my first opportunity to get her in some proper fancy dress (unless you count my pumpkin effort last year - see above) and take lots of photos to embarrass her with when she's older. We opted for a skeleton costume complete with face paint, and took it upon ourselves to trick or treat the Grandparents. We also carved *pumpkins (or rather, I did whilst Daisy looked on and ate her raisins), we made some gorgeous pumpkin soup using a recipe from Mummy Mayhem's Recipe Box and we were also given some deliciously spooky cupcakes from the very clever Sarah of Sarah's Lovely Buns!

Once madam had gone to bed I lay on the sofa and demolished the bag of Swizzles Matlow candy I had bought for our non-existent trick or treaters whilst watching X Factor and other Sunday night telly delights. All in all a pretty perfect day!

So yes, a very belated happy Hallowe'en to one and all, from Daisy Skellington and me x

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