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Friday, 12 November 2010

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat!

Yes I know its still only November but I like having something to look forward to! 
I love this time of year. I love it when the clocks go back and the days get shorter. I love the chilly, windy weather and being wrapped up warm in woolly scarves and hats. I love the build up to Christmas with all the festive markets and lights switch ons. I LOVE mulled wine and mince pies and all the other nibbly foodstuffs people put out for you when you visit them during the month of December. I love buying people presents and I love wrapping them up even more. I am, I must confess, ever so slightly partial to a carol or two and have even been known to enjoy sprouts with my Christmas dinner.  
Every year I say I am going to be organised and do all my Christmas shopping in November. I always aim to put the tree up and send the Christmas cards out on 1 December. Of course it never happens and I end up spending my Christmas Eve rushing around the shops like a lunatic buying all my family rubbish last minute presents in the Boots 3 for 2 offer. The cards get forgotten about altogether and although the Christmas decorations WILL have gone up more or less on time, the cat will have smashed the majority of the good baubles and eaten (and subsequently thrown up) all the tinsel.
This year though I am feeling more excited about Christmas than ever and I think that's down to Daisy having just turned one and knowing she will be able to join in the festivities with us all. I really am going to get everything done early so that I can relax and have fun with her (really really really!!). I have already made my Christmas card list and bought all the cards. I have made a start on the pressies and have even invested in some new knitted and felt (and therefore Daisy and Pogg proof) Christmas decorations to replace last year's casualties.
 Daisy's First Christmas, 2009
I'm excited about starting our own Christmas family traditions so that Daisy has the sort of Christmases that I remember from my childhood; magical, family affairs. Leaving out minced pies and milk for Father Christmas and carrots for the reindeer, going to Church on Christmas morning for the nativity play and carol singing, eating Christmas dinner around a huge table with the whole family with crackers and silly jokes and paper hats. I keep reminiscing about all the things that I used to love about Christmas as a child; waking up at about 4am on Christmas morning to see what was in my stocking; my siblings and I waiting patiently in our rooms until 6am, which was the earliest our parents were prepared to take us downstairs to see if we had been brought any presents. It was the only day of the year we were allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast and I would demolish the entire bag of gold coins from my stocking along with segments of my Mum and Dad's Terry's Chocolate Oranges and all the good chocolates from the obligatory Christmas tin of Cadbury's Roses. 
Now that I am older I love the general Christmassy smell of pine needles and satsumas and spices, the fact that for the whole of December the fridge is permanently full to bursting with delicious food and best of all I love that on Christmas Day it is perfectly acceptable to have your first alcoholic drink before midday whilst you are still in your pyjamas. I love spending the day with my family and helping prepare the Christmas lunch - then eating as much as I possibly can and having to lie on the sofa to sleep off the turkey sweats. I even love the traditional after dinner walk in the freezing cold that everyone moans about. And who can forget the Christmas telly repeats of Home Alone and The Snowman.
We are have 43 days to go until Christmas 2010! And I am currently tucking into my first mince pie of the season. Here's to many more!


  1. Brilliant blog.. i am soo looking forward to christmas this year even tho little india is bit young to know whats going on!! xxx

  2. We love mince pies and yes having children definitely makes Christmas so much more special


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