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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Song to Get Up and Dance Meme

Thanks to PippaD I have been tagged in my very first Meme! This Meme all about a song that makes you want to get up and dance. My choice doesn't exactly make me WANT to get up and dance but makes other people FORCE me to get up and dance. Following in PippaD's footsteps, I too have opted for an old classic - and a lovely video of me aged 8 proving once and for all that I really do lack rhythm and have two left feet!

The song I have chosen is 'Carwash' by Rose Royce which was released in 1976 but which was also featured on a Reader's Digest 70s compilation cassette that my parents owned in the late 80s. My parents had just bought their first video camera, a bloody huge thing that was very close in size to the professional ones that are used in TV and film studios today. It had to be plugged into the TV whilst recording so could only be used at home, and was so heavy to hold that it tended to be attached to a tripod which meant that all family videos in those days tended to be interview stylee with the camera pointed in the direction of the sofa with everyone squished into view.

I digress. So yes my song choice is one that I am still haunted by to this day. Whenever it comes on the radio my family ask me to dance for them and even 22 years later I can feel my cheeks flush bright red. I had set the video camera up in the living room and moved the furniture out of the way to make room for a DANCEFLOOR! I hit record on the camera, pressed play on the cassette player and I was off. I think I would have carried on until the end of the cassette had I not caught my Dad spying on me through the living room window....

Here it is, the home movie that my sister has been threatening to upload to Facebook since my Dad converted the video to digital format. Quite why I have decided to publish it myself is beyond me, but in any event I hope you all enjoy it.


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