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Monday, 20 December 2010

Detox---- A Little Bit More Info

Wow. So it turns out a lot of you are interested in detoxing!

Before I go into a bit more detail I just want to repeat the disclaimer on my earlier post ---- I am not a nutritionist. I am not a doctor. I merely follow (for a few weeks of the year) the practices of wheat free vegans and personally feel the benefits from it. If you want to detox and haven't done so before I would strongly recommend you speak to a health professional first.

Lots of you have asked how and why I started doing this. I was inspired by a lady called Suki Zoe, who I used to visit for colonics at The Brackenbury Clinic in Hammersmith. Suki is, in her own words, “a Super-Food-Living, Liver Loving, Colon Hydrotherapist – when she’s not traveling, making Xocolati and mischief, taking photographs, writing & drinking Tea”. Read more about Suki and check out her blog here.

Quite a few of you have also asked why I give up some of these foods for 28 days at a time. The truth is that none of them are bad for you as such; in my particular case, some of them simply disagree with me. Others of them we know are naughty and should be eaten in moderation. Normally I eat anything and everything and although I do feel the benefits of cutting some food types out of my diet (wheat and dairy particularly) I am not prepared to give them up forever. No cake or wine! Perish the thought.

Below are a few links to websites that might be of interest to you if you are thinking of joining me in January:

A couple of books I would recommend for easy detox friendly recipes are:

“Detox for Life” by Carol Vorderman
“The Raw Food Detox Diet” by Natalia Rose
and (dare I say it!)
“You Are What You Eat” by Gillian McKeith

I have them all and they are all available from Amazon if you want to buy them.

Keep in touch if you are going to detox with me in January – and remember to keep checking back here. I am going to blog daily about my progress and post lots more info and recipes. There will also be guest posts from some lovely people x


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