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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Detox: Preparations

Bye bye horrible processed food, hellooooooo lovely healthy natural stuff!

For those of you joining me on a 2011 healthkick, I thought I would write a short post to prepare you! 

The basics of the detox are to cut out wheat, meat, dairy, caffeine, sugar and alcohol from the diet for 28 days.

This year, for the first time, I have decided to allow myself fish. I’m not sure what effect this will have on how I feel and my usual weight loss but I figured that fish is a fantastic source of protein and is also full of omega oils and vitamins and therefore including it in such a detox can't be a bad thing. For more information on the health benefits of fish, please see here.

This detox is quite hardcore and for first timers it might seem as if there is nothing you can actually eat. This isn’t the case. As such I thought I would give you a shopping list of items to buy before you start the detox.

Shopping List

Fresh fruit; be as exotic as you like! Try everything, and have a bit with every meal.
Fresh vegetables; ditto. Pack as many lovely veggies into everything you cook, and snack away on crudites and dips (e.g. salsa, hummous, guacamole)
Herbs – dried and fresh; use these in salads and to cook with
Nuts and seeds; eat as snacks, or sprinkle over salads and meals
Brown rice, quinoa, millet
Rye bread (or other wheat free bread), crisp breads - ryvitta are allowed
Pulses - beans are a fantastic meat substitute and my mixed bean chilli recipe is a hit with detoxers and non-detoxers alike. Also, don't forget quorn!
Soya or rice milk - alpro soya chocolate milk is my saviour, perfect for a much needed chocolate fix
Water, herbal teas and fresh juices

Most supermarkets these days have a ‘Free From’ aisle, which caters for people with food allergies and intolerances. Here you can find all the wheat and dairy free products you need. Similarly, health food shops sell other options - and often have much more variety. Also make sure you look down the ethnic aisles of your local supermarket for nuts, seeds and dried herbs - they sell larger packs for much less - and of course the vegetarian and vegan refrigerators for Cauldron and Quorn goodies.

The most important thing is just to check the ingredients of products you are buying and make sure they don't contain any of the six things that are being cut out.

I intend to post daily throughout January and include recipes and meal ideas to keep you all motivated! Please keep in touch and let me know how you’re getting on!

In the meantime, go out and enjoy yourselves and binge on treat yourselves to a few of the things that you are going to be giving up for the next few weeks.

Hope you all have a brilliant New Years Eve x


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  1. For those who have tried soya milk and not been a massive fan, I really recommend Oatly oat milk. Its yummy and creamy too. They also do a chocolate version AND they make an oat cream too so you could use that to make a nice creamy vegetable curry without falling into dairy. Hurray!!


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