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Monday, 20 December 2010

Stop Press: I am R E A D Y for Christmas! *

*Me finishing my Christmas preparations without a panic attack on Christmas Eve is UNHEARD OF. See my earlier post for how things normally turn out.

Madam is bathed and in bed and I am sat in the living room with a glass of pinot grigio and a bag of cashew nuts. The Christmas lights are twinkling and I’m watching River Cottage Christmas Fayre on catch up TV. I’m feeling ridiculously festive. And for the first time this month I truly feel as if I can relax…. Today was a momentous day for me and my Christmas preparations!

Not only is my shopping now entirely complete - the presents are now wrapped as well! I had a lovely afternoon listening to Christmas songs and getting creative with gift boxes and wrapping paper and ribbon. Daisy and Pogg got involved too (Daisy trying to unwrap everything and Pogg trying to eat everything).

The Other Half and I also did all our Christmas food shopping today! (you can’t see me but I am BEAMING! I love it when the cupboards are full, especially when they are full of chocolately Christmassy treats!)

Himself was at Smithfields Meat Market at 3.00am this morning, buying bacon, filet steak, chicken and mincemeat---- and earning lots of brownie points in the process. He came back with enough to feed a family of 5000. We definitely won’t starve if we get snowed in.

My contribution to festive food shop this year involved something highly controversial and considerably less hard work---- today I took delivery of my very first online food shopping order. I have been put off doing online grocery shopping in the past, with talks of bruised fruit and other produce past its sell by date but I can honestly say that for me (this time at least) it has been a raving success. The best bit was that I didn’t have to head out in the freezing cold snow and spend two hours fighting my way around the supermarket aisles with a grumpy baby, buying much more alcohol and chocolate than necessary out of sheer stress, and then having to lug thirty heavy bags into the car and out of it again.

All that is left to do now is to play Father Christmas and deliver all our Christmas presents on Thursday and then collect The Turkey on Christmas Eve.

So the Modern Mummy household is now pretty much ready for Christmas! And I am very excited!

How are the rest of you getting on?

PS The wine rack in the photo isn't mine. But I bloody wish it was!

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