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Monday, 3 January 2011

Detox: Day Three: Detox State of Mind

Once I’ve successfully completed a couple of days of detoxing I always find that I am lulled into a false sense of security. Detoxing genuinely is easier than you’d expected and you kind of relax a bit once you’ve realised all the things you can eat, and spent an entire day without feeling hungry. Every year, without fail, I very nearly slip up on day three.

This year was no exception. True to form I woke up this morning, switched the kettle on, got a mug out of the cupboard and proceeded to gather the ingredients for my usual caffeine and sugar powered cup of morning tea. It took a comment from the Other Half to propel me back into my detox state of mind and my usual PG tips teabag was replaced by a chamomile one.

Whist detoxing I always up my intake of fluids. I drink as much water as I possibly can, have herbal teas first and last thing every day and go mad for fresh juices as well.

Its common knowledge that water is good for you, but do you know why?

It stops headaches. Whenever I have a headache, I don’t automatically reach for the nurofen, I have a glass of water first. Very often headaches are just a result of dehydration. Similarly, dehydration often makes you lose concentration so water is directly responsible for helping you concentrate too.

It’s good for the skin. Water flushes toxins out of the body and as well as hydrating your body, your skin is hydrated too.

It assists with weight loss. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger

It helps keep you regular! Although fibre is directly responsible for this, the body needs water for the fibre to work properly.

Similarly, herbal teas are proven to have health benefits. Not only are they a delicious alternative to plain water, certain ones help you to achieve a more calm, relaxed state of mind; they help with stomach and digestive problems and promote energy and wellness. Some of my favourite flavours, and their health benefits are:

Chamomile is known for its calming attributes
Fennel has been used for centuries as a digestive aid and to soothe upper respiratory problems.
Parsley has a diuretic effect and is believed to help with kidney function.
Peppermint is thought to help with stomach and digestive issues. It also helps freshen breath.
Raspberry Leaf helps with colds and sore throats, and may also keep nails, bones, teeth and skin healthy. It is also regularly drunk during the later stages of pregnancy as it is said to strengthen and tone the muscles of the uterus, helping them to contract more efficiently during labour. Research has found that taking raspberry leaf during the weeks prior to delivery helps to shorten the second stage of labour by making contractions more effective.

Drinking juice is a great way of getting fresh, raw fruits and vegetables into you. Juices should always be as fresh as possible; ideally juice fruit and veg yourself, or if you buy cartons ensure that the juice isn’t from concentrate.

Juicing is good for you because there is hardly any digestive work needed to process raw liquid. Juices get into the system quickly. Also, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are full of nutrients. When they are cooked or prepared, nutrients can be lost. 


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