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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Detox: The End is Nigh

"WHAT is a picture of a grande triple shot sugar free vanilla cappuccino and a bath bun doing on the Modern Mummy blog?" I hear you say....
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. Or rather, I have given up the detox after a fourteen day stint.
For the first time in my many Januaries of detoxing I have to confess that I have really struggled. Really really struggled. Not through hunger or lack of results, but through awful, glutenous, unadulterated cravings (and no I'm not pregnant before you ask). I have lost my willpower; the allure of caffeine and cake got too much for me and I buckled.
I started detoxing on 28th December and caved this morning. My week two weigh in revealed that I had lost a whopping 10lbs, which in my eyes is two much too soon. With this playing on my mind on my journey to the office, I stepped off the bus and straight into my local bakery. A force of nature then brought me to Starbucks where my friendly local barister was so pleased to see me she gave me a free coffee! It was the sign I needed that I was making the right decision. 
It is my full intention to carry on with my healthy eating and, as always after detoxing, I am full of inspiration for meals that don't consist of your standard meat and two veg (recipes will be forthcoming, I promise).
So for the rest of the month I am reverting back to my regular views of everything in moderation. Hopefully I will continue to shed a few more pounds, albeit at a slower and healthier rate. And I can enjoy a (thin) slice of black forest gateau from Patisserie Valerie whilst doing so.
For those of you that are still going strong, well done and keep it up! And if you, too, are thinking about drawing things to a close then why not take a look at the Ubermummy diet which, in my eyes, is a great way to carry on the good work in a slightly more relaxed manner.
In the meantime I am going to spend the rest of today day dreaming about the large glass of red wine I am going to drink once madam is in bed tonight..... cabernet sauvignon, oh how I have missed you!

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  1. i lasted 4 days!!! So you have done wonderfully!! Well done you. I also have a daughter and work full time and i would not be able to survive a day without coffee to wake me up.


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