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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Food and Mummy Blogging - Two of my Favourite Things

I love food. I love reading recipe books (and looking at the pictures even more). I love cooking and baking, for myself and other people. I love experimenting with ingredients and coming up with new ideas. I love sitting down to eat round the table with friends and family (and lots of wine). And I love talking about food and sharing recipes with other people. 

I also love blogging and am amazed by the brilliant sense of community between all us mummy bloggers. (Soppy, sentimental outburst over, I promise!)
In an attempt to bring my two loves together I have started posting recipes on my blog regularly which, going by my stats, appear to have been rather popular. I like to think that you lot are enjoying reading them and hope that you have tried some of the recipes out for yourselves.
I, in turn, have been avidly reading (and testing out!) other Mummy Blogger's recipes. My favourites, and most successful, to date have been:
Yum yum!
I have been thinking of further ways of bringing Recipes and Mummy Blogging together and have come up with an idea that I wanted to put to you all.
It is one not dissimilar to the lovely Tara Cain's 'The Gallery', only food related, not photography.  
In an attempt to share the foodie love, I am toying with the idea of preparing a weekly post where I announce an ingredient and call on anyone that is interested to share a recipe of their own that includes that ingredient.
I will give you all a few days to think about it, and try out any new recipes you have come across, then will set up a Linky Tool so that everyone can leave details of their recipe (via their blog) all in one place, and other people can to refer to them for inspiration.
So are any of you interested? Not necessarily just in posting recipes either; would people like a collection of recipes focusing on, say "cake" or "mincemeat" (not together, yeuch) all in one easily accessible place? Or is there something similar out there already that I can take part in?
Any thoughts and comments will be greatly appreciated.


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