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Friday, 14 January 2011

Foodie Friday---- Mixed Bean Chilli

This is a self invented detox friendly recipe. It is so good for you its ridiculous; it contains about a million of your five a day - and you can add and remove ingredients to suit your taste buds. Even though its detox friendly, there is nothing stopping you whipping this bad boy up at any time of the year - I actually prefer it to the meat variety! Most importantly, it is so simple, it is impossible to muck up.

The ingredients I am going to list below are my particular favourites but you really can chuck anything in here. Its a perfect 'end of the week' meal where you can use up everything that is left in your fridge and cupboards the night before you do your weekly shop. The only vital ingredients are the beans - they can be either tinned or dried but remember dried need to be soaked overnight in advance. You can also add lentils for extra protein. When it comes to chopping the veg in this recipe, I like them nice and chunky!

This recipe will feed four very hungry mouths. Possibly even six of you if you're not as greedy as me and Himself. You can keep any leftovers in the fridge for a day or two.

Olive oil
2x red onions
Fresh chilli and/or dried chilli flakes ---- or both!
1x vegetable stock cube
1x tin of chopped tomatoes (plus half the tin again of water)
1x red pepper
1x green pepper
1x yellow pepper
2x portobello mushrooms
Handful frozen peas
Handful frozen sweetcorn
200g tin cannellini beans
200g tin black eyed beans
200g tin red kidney beans
200g tin flageolet beans
A splash of Worcestershire sauce
Rice to serve
A dollop of sour cream is also nice (so long as you're not detoxing!)

What to do.
Roughly chop all the veg.
Soften the onions in the olive oil, then add the chillies, peppers and mushrooms, shortly followed by the tin of chopped tomatoes and water.
Sprinkle the veggie stock cube into the pan and drain the tins of beans.
Add the beans and frozen veg to the mixture, and add a little bit more water to it if necessary.
Add the dried chilli flakes if you like your food hot!
Give the pan a good stir then leave to simmer for 15 mins +. I normally leave it for about 20 mins (whilst the rice is cooking).
Boil the rice.
Just before dishing up add a generous splash of Worcestershire sauce to the chilli; it gives it a nice kick.

Serve with said dollop of sour cream or a sprinkling of cheddar cheese (if you're not detoxing) and of course a big fat glass of vino goes without saying. I would recommend a nice Beaujolais.


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