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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Jesus Christ, its 2011. How did that happen!

I’m not normally one to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I’m not a fan of traipsing up into London in the freezing cold or paying a tenner to get into my local pub. I much prefer being at home, in the warm, and preferably in my pyjamas by about 8pm. I have to confess that staying up until midnight is often pretty hard work.

With madam tucked up in bed, the Other Half and I spent this New Year’s Eve at home together with a bottle of pinot grigio, an Indian takeaway, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew and Jools Holland. We watched the count down and the fireworks, and listened to Auld Lang Syne. A perfect NYE if you ask me!

Every year I make dozens of resolutions, and along with the rest of the world I fail to keep them. This year however, I have taken a leaf out of Violet Posy’s book and am taking part in The Bag Lady Challenge. This is the brainchild of Shirley Lewis and the idea is to give up something that has a negative impact on the environment, and to take up something that will have a beneficial effect on it.

For my Giving Up Pledge I have decided that I am not going to accept a single plastic bag when out shopping this year. That goes for all shopping, not just food shopping. I abandoned carrier bags from the supermarket a long while ago but would still happily accept one when shopping for clothes or Christmas presents which defeats the object really. From now on, my trusty jute bag is going to be taken everywhere and used for everything. I am a member of a great group on Facebook, Banish the Plastic Bag - have a look for more information on why plastic bags are such a threat to wildlife and so bad for the environment.

For my Taking Up Pledge I have decided that I am going to take up cycling and whenever possible I will ditch the car and head out on my bike. The Other Half bought me a Pashley Princess when Daisy was born and I am ashamed to say that aside from the odd jaunt to the office during the summer it has been sorely neglected. That’s going to change this year!

I think this is a fantastic idea and hope a lot of you will jump on the bandwagon! Please let me know if you do!

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