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Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Angry Moo

I think my fourteen month old daughter may have reached the terrible twos a bit early. Either that or she is destined to be a diva.

She is perfectly aware of the meaning of the word 'no'. I know this because on hearing me say it, she used to stop whatever she was doing instantly and look guilty. If it was said in a slightly sterner-than-usual tone, it would sometimes even make her cry (cue me feeling awful and using every ounce of willpower not to be a pushover mother and forgive her instantly!). She also uses the word no herself. But more on that later.

Recently though, whenever I have told her 'no' - when she is slamming cupboard doors, for example, or when I catch her taking all the DVDs out from under the television, or if she is busy emptying the contents of my chest of drawers all over my bedroom, or if she is tormenting the cat - she has started to rebel.

Instead of doing as she is told, she looks me directly in the eye and carries on with whatever it is she is doing. With a smile on her face. And with even more gusto. If I repeat 'no' in the aforementioned sterner-than-usual tone, it no longer has any effect whatsoever and, instead, results in her shouting the word out herself at me, the horrible mother that is stopping her from having fun.


I find it really hard not to laugh. Seeing such a little person acting all cross and bossy is hilarious. But what can I do!?

One of her favourite (naughty) things to do at the moment is to go into the kitchen (which is usually out of bounds thanks to a stairgate), open the cat food cupboard, take out the cat treats, shake them so that Pogg comes running, then empty the treats all over the floor - much to Pogg's delight and my dismay.

The few times I've caught her doing this I have, of course, told her "no".

So now whenever she manages to sneak into the kitchen and cause mischief, she cuts to the chase and says "no" to herself whilst doing so! And she looks me directly in the eye whilst doing it too, of course.

So, out of interest, when do you think you should start being strict with your children? At what age do you think they are old enough to know what they should or shouldn't be doing? And how do you stop yourself from giggling when they are being so funny!!?


  1. I would say, after they start talking properly, so maybe after 2y.o? Too soon to worry about these things now ;) We use the art of distraction, in repeat explaining a little bit that he shouldn't do this or that (ie. "ouch that hurt mummy" whilst playing with my hair) and eventually they forget about it and go to sth else.
    hth :)

  2. hehe this made me chuckle!!!! I have a 14 month old too who is EXACTLY the same..... I think we will have to wait till they are older to properly understand the meaning of no... and for now just let it amuse/annoy us!! x p.s check out my blog its about being a stay at home mummy trying to set a business. petitoiseaulovesyou thanks x


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