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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Raisins to be Cheerful

Raisins are the bane of my life. Seriously.

Put bluntly, they repulse me. Quite why anyone would want to put a shrivelled up old grape in their mouth is beyond me. They are a horrible texture, they look disgusting and, in my eyes, something that small can't possibly be of any nutritional value. So what's the point in them?!

They are, of course, a very popular snack for children. I can't deny that they have a lot going for them in that respect; being naturally sweet and therefore a healthier choice than biscuits or chocolate - plus a little box of Sun-Maid is easy to carry around with you when you're out and about. Much easier than a pear or a banana. They also have a long shelf life and are relatively cheap compared to other fruits.

I must confess that despite my hatred of them, I do buy them; not only as a snack for madam, but also for their entertainment value. She will happily sit and eat them one at a time (this can keep her occupied for a full five minutes if I'm lucky) and she also likes to shake them about - usually when they are in an open box or cup - which brings me onto the main reason why I despise the little buggers.

They get everywhere. EVERYWHERE! I find them down the side of the sofa, squashed on the floor, in my handbag, in the toy box, in the car. I have even found them in the washing machine, and on one occasion I found one nestled snugly in my bra at the end of the day *shudder* Handling them while they are in their box I can bear, picking them up off the floor I cannot.

Writing about them is, in all honesty, making me feel a bit queasy. In fact I think it would be quite fair to say I am a sufferer of inyphobia. The Urban Dictionary's definition of this is: "for one to have an immense fear/phobia of raisins, currents & sultanas resulting in just a mention of the words can bring on gipping and gagging some times resulting in sickness". This sums my feelings and reactions up perfectly.

So I was wondering..... what strange phobias do you all suffer from?


  1. OMG I thought it was just me - I can't even touch them. Problem is toddler t loves them and tries to feed them to me!

  2. Oh how unusual, both the raisin thing and the fact it has a name!


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