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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Gift Ideas from Crafty Mummies

I have wanted to write a blogpost about some of my lovely, creative friends for a while. Today is the day!

I always like spending my hard earned pennies on locally produced or handmade things. I am a big advocate of up-cycling; in my opinion creating new things out of old is one of the best ways to recycle. I also love items made out of beautiful, natural objects that you can pick up in parks and beaches; driftwood, willow, pressed flowers, shells.

If you are of the same ilk as me then you will love the things these fabulous ladies make!

Surf & Silver Sea Glass Jewellery  

Emma from Surf & Silver Sea Glass Jewellery makes beautiful jewellery out of gorgeous natural sea tumbled glass which she and her family find washed up on the shore on her local beaches. Each piece of glass is twisted in sterling silver and turned into some of the most stunning necklaces, bracelets and earrings you will ever see. As well as having ready made items for sale, Emma custom makes pieces so if you are interested in having a bespoke item made for you, have a wander over to her website for some inspiration.

Sock Monkey Junkies 

Lisa from Sock Monkey Junkies is one of the most creative and clever people I know! Her sock animals are fantastic and Daisy loves the Mrs Monkey she made for her. Have a look at the Sock Monkey Junkies Facebook fan page to see the other brilliant animals she creates. Each animal is custom made; not only can you choose the socks they are made from, you can also choose their features and give them accessories! They make great gifts for both children and grown ups.

Petit Osieau 

Ellie from Petit Oiseau is another very talented lady who makes wonderful one off decorative items which are super for children's bedrooms. Have a look at her Folksy shop to see her fabulous mirrors, canvases and door hangers, all hand made with love.



  1. Oooh thanks!!! Looks fab xx I want a sock cat now!!
    Ps How is the diet going?? xx

  2. p.s Anyone interested in a crafty mummys blog mine is

  3. I need a sea glass necklace now!! :) Btw you have been tagged at mine xx

  4. Love your blog! Just found you through Petit Oiseau. Denise x


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