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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Look Who's Talking

Don't look at me, I'm shy!

A couple of weeks ago I was having a chat with some friends of mine about our babies starting to talk. At that point in time, aside from the usual "mama" and "dada" and the random word "car", Daisy wasn't saying anything at all and I have to confess that I was very jealous to hear about all these children of the same age virtually quoting Shakespeare to their parents.

Fast forward two weeks and I cannot shut my little monkey up! Seriously! I am completely and utterly gobsmacked; over the past week she has accumulated a vocabulary of at least twenty words. And I keep wondering how it happened?!

It all started when 'mama' (not even the word - a sound normally reserved for when madam wants a cuddle - from either me or Himself) suddenly turned to 'Mummy', followed by points in my direction. A day later, 'dada' (a sound normally reserved for when madam is frustrated - with either me or Himself - or something else altogether) suddenly turned to 'Daddy'. Since then we have had "here" "mine" "now" "more" "car key" "pea" "bear" "Teeny" (my sister's nickname) "anny" (Granny) "anna" (Nanny) "Gee" (Grandad) "bye" "ball" "cup of tea" and my favourite of them all; "bubbie" (baby). She has also started going "YEEAAHHHHH!" when she's really excited about something.

We were in The Entertainer yesterday and madam was allowed out of the buggy to explore. She ran straight up to the dolls section (squealing "YEEEAAAHHHHHHH!" in the process), grabbed a Baby Born off the shelve, held him (yes it had boy bits - not that Daisy noticed - not sure how I'd explain that one) to her chest and declared "BUBBIE! Ahhhhhhhh! Bubbie..." before pointing up at a mini changing bag and shouting "mine" at me. What can I say?! The over excitement, the demands - this girl is definitely mine!

And my little baby is turning into a little lady!!

It has suddenly dawned on me that I had better watch what I say and do from now on! Shit ;)


  1. Ahh thats amazing!!Clever girl!!
    It amazes me how fast they develop..... Amelie is still on only mama,dada,car,nana,juice and fish!!! and uses duh for most other things!! xx

  2. Yay! go Daisy! LOVE this age, super cute!


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