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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Modern Mummy Loves....

I am in a G O O D   M O O D today! And these are the reasons why....

1. Himself let me have a lie in. A LIE IN!

Madam woke up at 7.45am (which would have been a lie in in itself!) but I stayed all snuggly and cosy in bed until 9am!

2. When I eventually surfaced, I put my iPod on shuffle and my first song of the day was "Can't Get Out Of Bed" by The Charlatans. I have been dancing around to 90s Britpop ever since. Viva le Britpop, music of my youth  x

3. I was still dancing around the bedroom as I got dressed and put my  make up on which made me feel as if I was going on a Night Out. Today I am sporting a knackered old pair of pixie boots (my favourites) and gorgeous subtle gold eyeshadow from Barry M. The eyeshadow is making me feel summery :)

And now me and Madam are off to do a bit of shopping and have some lunch with friends! Then this afternoon I will be baking with SAFFRON ready for Foodie Friday tomorrow. See you all later x

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