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Monday, 21 February 2011

OXO Tots Cutlery & Training Plate Review

When I was sent an OXO Tots cutlery set and training plate recently I was one very excited mummy. “Easily pleased” I hear you say – and yes, I can see your eyes roll too. But the fact of the matter is that Daisy and I have tried almost every brand of feeding product that’s available on the market and none of them have been as good as they claim to be. We’ve tried Tommee Tippee, Advent, Annabel Karmel, supermarket own brands – even a set of Emma Bridgewater melamine (beautiful yes, but probably not the most practical of the lot).
The OXO Tots products, however, genuinely are in a league of their own.
The first thing that struck me as I opened my parcel was that the products are gorgeous to look at. Seriously gorgeous. They are modern, chunky and hard wearing, and available in a range of big bright colours (orange, green and aqua).

The cutlery (a fork and spoon set – I’ve never understood why baby knives are sold as part of a set – has anyone’s toddler ever actually used one?) is very cleverly designed. The handles are curved and non-slip and the heads are deep. The fork is fantastic; like a spoon with tines, so your child can pierce their food or just scoop it up – or a combination of the two. Daisy refuses to be fed by me or Himself anymore and mealtimes are becoming increasingly frustrating for her. She usually starts eating her food with some half-hearted attempts using cutlery, before giving up and using her fingers (its much quicker that way!). This time round, and for the first time ever, Daisy successfully fed herself her entire meal using a fork (toast excluded)!

My favourite out of the items sent to me was the training plate. It is genius. Out of all of the products we’ve tried previously, I always thought suction based bowls were the best---- until Madam figured out how to prise the suction pad from her high chair tray, resulting in much excitement and m e s s. The OXO Tots training plate has a weighted, non-slip base – which genuinely doesn’t move. The dish has also has high sides (which are actually removable - great for younger children) and when Daisy scooped up her food against the side of the bowl, it pushed it onto her spoon. B r i l l i a n t. Daisy was really chuffed that she was doing it all by herself, and so was I! In fact we have never had such a successful and clean mealtime.

So all in all, a great big thumbs up from Miss Daisy and me! If you are keen to give the OXO Tots products a go, they are all available online from Amazon and sold nationally from John Lewis and other major retailers. You can also view the official OXO website here.


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